Taking down a metal shed

by Angela
(Las Vegas)

I want to take down a built metal shed at one property and rebuild it at new house. Any certain steps to follow?

Answer By John-Admin:
Hi Angela,
Thank you for your question. Depending on how long the shed has been up you may have your work cut out! In my experience after metal shed have been up for a while the metal bolts and fixings that hold them together corrode and they become difficult to remove without cutting them which brings with it the possibility of damaging the metal skin which forms the shed.

Assuming that you can remove the bolts successfully I would find a copy of the manufacturers instructions and follow them in reverse. So normally this would be starting with the roof and working your way down.

Depending on how far you are to move it there is always the possibility of moving it without disassembling it. The best route for this is normally a strong man at each corner!

I just saw that you are from Las Vegas, given the dry atmosphere there due to altitude and desert location the corrosion may not be too bad.

let me know how you get on. A photo or two would help to see the problem more clearly.

All the best


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Dec 12, 2009
Metal shed assembly instructions
by: John - Admin

Hi Angela,
This page at the Arrow website has instructions for assembly of all the metal sheds in their range. You will find some useful information there that may help.

Let me know how you get on, some pictures would be great.



Dec 12, 2009
how i tackled it
by: angela

Thanks for your advice.

I had an inexperienced carpenter help me take it down, a good friend who means well but working with tools is foreign. I marked off panels before removing them going clockwise, keep a hand drawing of what you mean by the letters, every cross bar and support metal bars were also indicated on chart.

As I attacked the shed in the UNDRESSING point of view, well aware that I must not remove certain pieces for it will make it unstable,my friend did not and few metal overhead support beams came down way to soon. Verbal communication here out...so may screws, and the body was in good shape.

I do want to find a manual to which will help me assemble it.

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