The Versatile Small Storage Shed

A small storage shed is great when you just need that little bit of extra space for storing things such as garden tools, your recycling bins, or even just bulbs you plan on planting in the springtime. You may not need a large garden shed and quite possibly not have room in your garden for one.

These versatile buildings are also referred to as mini-sheds, horizontal or vertical storage sheds. They are almost like furniture and only take up a small corner of your garden, they can be as decorative as they are functional.

A variety of materials to choose from

A small storage shed can be made from a variety of materials depending on your needs, skills and where in your garden you are going to place it. The most commonly used construction materials include timber, heavy duty plastic and metal.

Ease of construction

If you are looking for ease of set-up the plastic storage box wins hands down. The metal shed and timber kit shed are next easiest requiring minimal flat-pack construction skills. These two normally come completely equipped with all the materials you need to put the shed together.

Possibly the most satisfying, but more time consuming to put together, is the option of constructing a small shed using a set of shed plans. This way you can build something to exactly suit your needs for space, style and colour scheme.


If you already have a colour theme running through your landscape and garden the choice of colour will be important to you.

Plastic and metal sheds normally come in a limited range of colours, mainly shades of green, brown and cream.

A timber shed, on the other hand, gives you almost infinite choice. If you construct your shed using un-painted timber (either from a kit or from scratch), you can stain it or paint it the colour of your choice.

The three main styles of small storage shed are:

Vertical storage shed
Looking like a large outdoor weatherproof storage cupboard these make a great place for you to store spades, shovels, and other long garden tools. They should also include a few shelves for keeping your gardening gloves, trowel and flower pots to hand.

Moving on from the most basic form, these sheds can be dressed up with a little imagination to look like a sentry box or an old fashioned phone box in the English countryside.

Before making your choice check that the one you choose is tall enough to accept your gardening equipment, most tools such as forks and spades are fine but rakes do have a handle that is a bit longer and require more height.

Horizontal storage shed
Another popular format is the horizontal storage box. Looking a bit like an oversized toy chest, the lid is usually hinged, levered or roller style for easy access. This type of shed is often used for storing deck chairs, barbecues and other outdoor equipment.

You know.... things that are more horizontal than vertical!

Mini-storage shed
Moving up in size slightly, small pent and gable style storage sheds are great for securely storing bicycles so that they are protected from the weather yet easily to hand when required.

Finally, mini-sheds provide you with a great place to store your wheelie bins and recycling boxes. There is nothing worse than getting up on a Monday morning to find your trash strewn across the yard by the local animal population

A small storage shed is the perfect solution for keeping your outside equipment safe and secure without taking up too much of that valuable growing space.

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