LW108FB 8x10'

by Vince
(Miami, FL)

Low cost but not worth the trouble it brings to build. Way too many parts to put together and for a non-expert can be a frustrating task.

Exterior shell material is flimsy. The manual is cluttered because of the amount of parts, isn't clear in explaining and difficult to understand.

With the help of three people can take up to 3 days to build. I know several people who have left it partially built and either gave up or gave it away. Poorly designed in the way of constructing it and more like it is designed to frustrate the consumer.

I had an awful time just trying to figure out what the manual explained about the floor frame, or which, and there was a lot of head scratching upon start up.

Buyer beware.

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Arrow 6' X 4'

by Helm
(London UK)

My wife & I put this shed up in 8hrs on a Saturday afternoon inc. lunch & tea breaks. We don't have any special building skills, training or tools.

Bought new off Ebay for 72 UK pounds. All tools used were an electric screwdriver, ratchet scewdriver, tape measure, 8 & 9mm sockets, pliers & instructions. All fitted together without any real problems. As long as the base is really flat everything will line up.

Instructions aren't comprehensive but you can manage. Parts could be better packaged but you get what you pay for.

Overall result is a dry shed with sliding doors.
Yes I would recommend this shed.

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10x12 Arrow metal shed

I could have done the assembly job on this reading either the spanish or the english instructions. They both suck.

Everytime we assembled something exactly the way the instruction book said to it ended up being backwards when installing it on the building. The floor kit instructions were a joke. It showed the Frame going around the exact outside of the floor kit. But that is not the case it physically cannot do that.

We made 100% sure the building was square and level and yet the final roof panel didn't even come close to fitting correctly. Later this summer I think I will remove the shoddy thin roof panels and put an actual wooden roof on it.

It took 2 people that are well educated and have some experience with building projects over a week to get this thing assembled.

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Arrow Vinyl Dallas 10 x 12

by Derek
(Pompton Plains, NJ)

I purchased my shed online at http://www.arrowspacemaker.com. The purchasing experience was great. Very easy, I had some questions their live support was great. My Purchase included free shipping and was delivered to my curb in no more than a weeks time from when I ordered the shed.

I agree with all the other reviews on the site, it is not bad to put together, but believe me that you need to follow the directions. A cordless screw gun also made my life alot easier. I couldn't image putting this together with just a screwdriver. A couple of times, I strayed from the instructions and screwed up. I even had a question during the installation and I called Arrow Sheds Customer Service and they were able to walk me through my issue. This was a time saver.

I really like the look of this shed, It looks like it has vinyl siding on it but it is really steel. I think that this shed will be around a long time.

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Arrow 10' x 10' Storage Building Model 68101

Our Arrow 10' x 10' Storage Building model 68101 was purchased in August 2008 on sale for around $900 from Sears. The final measurements of our shed were 118” x 112” x 70”.

The shed was not easy to put together, and not recommended for the average “layperson” or husband/wife team to tackle alone. We hired three friends for a couple hundred total to help with the project. With help, the storage shed took a total of three weekends to build. It required two weekends to break down our old storage shed and build the new storage shed and one weekend to lay down the flooring.

The directions were clear except for the sections on the flooring and the door. The flooring directions were wrong, and gave half measurements. We solved this problem by measuring the floor, and having the wood cut to the new measurements.

Building the doors was tricky. We rebuilt the doors two times, and it is still wrong to this day. The first time, we had two right doors. The second time, the holes for the handles were misaligned, so the door handles are uneven. Because the door handles do not align, we are unable to put a lock on our shed which we would have preferred. However, the doors open and shut and serve its purpose.

No parts were missing. We did not own all of the tools that were needed, and our friend brought in some of his tools for the project.

The shed performs satisfactorily. We are able to store our extra items in the shed such as old clothes and gardening tools. Renting storage costs around $100 a month.

The roof leaked because two screws holes were misaligned and left open holes. The problem was fixed by applying a sticky black tar-like patch over the two holes. The metal has not dented. Overall, the shed is durable.

I would recommend the shed to others, because we like our shed now that it is built. The biggest challenge of the shed was putting it up. The shed serves its purpose because we don’t have to rent storage.

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Arrow GS-83 Garden Shed

by Steve
(Houston, TX, USA)

Arrow Garden Shed

Arrow Garden Shed

I bought the Arrow GS-83 Garden Shed at Lowe's about 2 years ago. It is 8' long x 5.5' high x 3' deep and cost approximately $350.00. I was looking for a shed to place against the side of my house where I had limited space. This shed fit the bill perfectly.

The shed took me about 1 day to completely install and assemble by myself. This includes time to prep the area where the shed would be located and prepare the wood floor for the interior. I would also recommend purchasing the Arrow Anchor Kit to secure your shed to the ground. It's much easier than pouring a concrete slab to secure the shed to.

The instructions were clear but did need to be closely followed. Anyone who tried to assemble this shed without reading the instructions would be in for a very long weekend. A screwdriver is all that's really needed but I'd recommend a cordless drill to save you a lot of effort.

No parts were missing and the only minor difficulty was in getting some of the panels aligned. A second person might have been helpful here.

I couldn't be happier with the Arrow Garden Shed in the 2 years I've been using it. It's super strong and durable. It stands up to abuse from the weed eater and made it through Hurricane Ike in one piece and with no leaks! I would recommend the Arrow Garden Shed to anyone who needs some extra storage but doesn't have a lot of space to fit a shed in.

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Arrow Lexington 10 X 14 (LX1014-A)

by Ed S
(St Louis County, Missouri)

Assembled but not yet cleaned up

Assembled but not yet cleaned up

This is the 4th Arrow building I have owned & built over the years, have helped friends with several others. Would recommend their products anytime. Built my first in the mid 70's, solo with hand tools. No big deal then, MUCH simpler now with cordless tools!

Bought this one used, original owner had totally dismantled it for a move, then stored it several years.. Looked a bit shabby, but all is solid and everything was there down to the last screw, also have the manual - a few panels needed work, but other than that it was like getting a new one. Bit rustier...

Prepped the site by building a simple landscape timber "foundation", level & square - this is ESSENTIAL for ease of assembly!! Building went up quick with my son's help - about 4 hours to do all but a few roof panels & the doors, and that includes time spent on bent panels! Finished up the next day.

I really can't understand why folks have trouble assembling one - it's definately NOT the product's fault! Put it this way, anyone finding this difficult should stay away from Monogram models or small jigsaw puzzles

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