Shed security

by David

What do you suggest as a good way to make a shed secure? There are plenty of solutions out there but many are, let's face it - ugly, and therefore only really a proposition if your shed is tucked away in a corner behind other stuff etc.

However, if your shed is in plain view of the house, or the rest of the garden you may want something a bit more discrete.

Any thoughts?

I am thinking in terms of a new shed build (complete DIY shed from scratch) but comments on items for existing sheds would be welcome.


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Shed Security Tips
by: John - Admin

Hi Dave,
Shed security is always a tough question. With regards to making the shed as difficult to enter as possible another visitor to this site asked a similar question the answer with tips on how to build a strong shed are here.

Once the fabric of the shed is as strong as you can make it then making sure that locks are of a similar standard to the fabric of the shed is an important factor. For example if you have a shed made of pre-cast concrete it is worth having better locks than on a standard un-reinforced timber ship lap shed. Also making sure that valuable items within the shed are further secured inside the shed. For example if you intend to keep a motorbike in the shed you are building then casting a loop of steel reinforcement into the concrete shed base to chain the bike to adds another layer of security. Locking power-tools within a steel cabinet also adds another layer.

The next thing to consider is forms of electronic security which can range from simple shed alarms to computer monitored CCTV systems.

I hope that this is of some help. I think the most important thing is to make the level of security match the items that you are storing and also the level of theft from sheds in your area. Your local Police crime prevention officer may be able to offer some help here.



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