Rubbermaid Storage Unit 3748

by Jay

Rubbermaid Storage Unit 3748

Rubbermaid Storage Unit 3748

The shed that I purchased was a Rubbermaid 3748 storage unit, it is 36" (H) x 55" (W) x 28" (D). The shed was easy to put together and the instructions were very clear. All the pieces included were accounted for, even 4 extra corner brackets. This shed took approximately 1 hour and 34 minutes to assemble. I was able to build this unit with no need for help as it was simple enough to build.

The tools which were needed were a simple flat-head screwdriver, which was included. There were no major problems assembling this unit on account that the left and right side were properly marked for assembly.

I use this shed as a simple outdoor storage unit, holding small items such as botchy ball and lawn darts. The shed itself is doing an amazing job that I have assigned it to. It seems durable enough to not worry about during a thunderstorm. No problems have occurred since the completion of my shed.

It has been doing its proper job since June of 2006, for it being almost 3 years old, it nearly looks exactly how it did the day I bought it, the Rubbermaid shed is made of plastic and has not yet chipped or peeled or have been severely damaged by the intense heat of the desert summer sun.

On this previous note, I highly recommend this particular model to anyone who is in need of a small outdoor storage unit. Thus completing my review for the Rubbermaid 3748 storage unit.

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