Royal storage shed 8 x 12

by Jim
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I bought this shed a year ago at Home Depot for around 700 dollars. It was a simply put together. Took me around 4- hrs. I did it mostly on my own, except when my friend helped hold some stuff together while I put on some of the roof. I didn't need much else for tools, except a power drill, that really came in handy.

The only problem I had when putting it together was getting it tweaked so it was all level and not cock-eyed. I took care of that by holding it in place while I screwed it in where I wanted it.

I use the shed for some bikes, lawn-mower, some extra firewood, etc. For these things it is perfect. I have had it a year and it has lasted the weather and everything. It didn't leak when the snow was melting on top or anything. It is a durable plastic, even lasted a huge storm, except that a little flange on the door broke. Not a big problem. I haven't really had any other problems that I can think of.

I would recommend this shed because it is relatively cheap, nice looking, and durable. Oh yeah, and very low maintenance.

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