Replacing my metal shed

by Tony
(Uttoxeter, UK)

Isn't that supposed to be pointy?

Isn't that supposed to be pointy?

I am replacing my 10' x 12' metal yardmaster shed (look at the pic to see why!). Just the green one, the felted shed behind is ok. It will possibly be replaced with a sectional concrete garage that I've been offered. It's 20' x 10'.

I will have to move the door to the side as I want my new shed to be "fence to fence" about 16' wide and try and keep the depth 12'.
I plan to use the sheeting off the garage but instead of apex, I thought about a flat (slight slope) roof design.


1. what foundations are best for 16'x12' concrete sectional shed?

2. what size roof joists would be suitable?

3. can "up and over" garage doors be narrowed to use as an up and over shed door?

Thanks for your help


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Replacement shed tips
by: John

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your question and bad luck with the snow on the metal shed roof. We get quite a few readers with experiences such as yours.

For a concrete sectional shed I would think that concrete strip foundations are what you are after to give you a good level base to work from. The depth of the strip should be fairly nominal to get you below the frost zone. The only thing to watch out for is if the sub-soil for your garage is a shrinkable clay and there are trees in the vicinity. If so you may need to have quite deep foundations.

I would have thought that as you will be concreting the strip foundations then it would pay to have a concrete floor installed at the same time. Depending on ground conditions again then this should be ground bearing and about 4 inches thick with a light reinforcing mesh in it to distribute any minor cracks.

As far as the roof joists go then for the UK Midlands then 47x195mm C16 timbers at 400mm centres would work with a light weight roof (metal deck). I would recommend a minimum of 1 in 40 cross fall to ensure positive drainage.

As far as the up and over garage door goes…I really don’t know. You should probably consult the door supplier or you could consider a roller shutter door?

Any way let me know how you get on with your project.

All the best


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