Pool House Floor Plans To Suit Every Budget

Choosing pool house floor plans requires a lot of decision making. There's so much to think about, mainly because you'll find so many different designs that it's difficult to know exactly what you'll need. Particularly if you've never owned a pool house before, it's vital to really spend some time on the planning process. If you can, visit some already built pool houses to see what you like and what you really don't like.

It's important you get the most for your money and end up with a finished project that will enhance the enjoyment of your pool.

Here's a check list of everything you need to think about before you splash your cash:


Did you know that the average pool house in the US costs $30,000? This is a huge investment that many of us just simply cannot afford. Yet some people are lucky enough to have the cash to spend this much on creating an outside area to their home that's truly luxurious.

For some people, their pool house becomes like a second home in the garden, complete with a hot tub, stylish bar and sophisticated living space. Often, this type of pool house is used to create a unique architectural statement in the garden, with a very modern design that features floor to ceiling glass, with a timber clad exterior.

Yet don't worry if your budget is much smaller, there's always a pool house floor plan to suit everyone. Just use this guide to work out what your priorities are and you'll be able to create a pool house that's right for you.

To plumb or not to plumb?

This is big decision that can take a lot of deliberation for many pool house owners. What you need to think about is whether you're willing to run back up to the house every time you need to go to the toilet, wash off the chorine after a swim or perhaps prepare some snacks or wash a piece of fruit.

The answer to this question really depends on how far your pool area is from your house. If it's more than a couple of hundred yards, it may be worth making the extra investment to plumb your pool house into the mains. Then you'll be able to add a shower, WC and sink to your changing area, as well as a kitchen for making snacks and drinks. You'll certainly be saving a lot of wet foot prints through your house, especially when the kids have a pool party!

How many rooms?

Many pool house floor plans now stick to an open plan design, with a wet bar, living and kitchen area all in one room. This helps to create a sense of space, that can really connect the outside with the pool house interior. You can enhance this effect by putting in large French doors and tall windows, which can be opened up on a hot day.

Some people also use their pool house as a guest annex, so it's important to allow a separate room to give your guests some privacy. Depending on your budget, you may want to give them an ensuite, however a separate toilet and wash basin will do just fine.

Don't forget to add a separate storage cupboard, which is fully lockable to keep all the pool chemicals and expensive equipment that you need when you own a pool. Plus you might want a separate cupboard for towels, pool toys and drying off any wet bathing costumes.

Practical Flooring

Don't forget to consider your flooring, as this can add quite considerably to your budget. We often get carried away deciding on our pool house floor plans, without even remembering to consider what we'll be walking on inside our pool house.

Choose a floor that's both stylish and practical. Water resistance is key, particularly if you're having a wet bar where you can enjoy a drink straight after your swim. Plus you want something that can offer some slip resistance, to prevent nasty accidents. It's best to avoid highly polished flooring, such as marble, which is easy to slip on.

You can now buy wooden flooring that's been specially treated to prevent moisture damage. Or wood effect lino is a great choice, which you can buy with a wood effect grain for a really authentic look. It's much cheaper than real wood and due to the grain effect it's less slippery.

The alternative is tiles or stone flooring, which can be more expensive. Nonetheless, they will really finish off your pool house with a stylish, contemporary look. If you're buying natural stone, don't forget to treat it before you lay the slabs to prevent water damage and dirt from entering the surface.

Using the above pointers to help create your pool house floor plans will go a long way to making the garden retreat that you have been planning a great place to relax.

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