Pool House Cabana: How To Finish Your Interior With Style

A pool house cabana is the perfect accessory to any poolside space. Usually built to give swimmers a place to change, shower off and enjoy a leisurely drink after a dip in the pool, they can be constructed in a variety of different styles and sizes. Yet whatever your budget and pool house design, it's important to set aside a portion of money to finish off the interior.

Getting the interior design right inside your poolside cabana makes all the difference to the finished project. But creating style and elegance that's perfect for entertaining, doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, it's easy to fool your friends into thinking you've spent thousands and thousands, when actually you've managed to decorate your interior on a budget.

Here are some ideas for stylish interior design perfect for your pool house cabana:

Storage Solutions

This is one of the main functions of a pool house, so it's important you give yourself enough storage space. You can section off a corner inside, purely for installing a storage cupboard. You can really save some money here because guests won't see inside. The cupboard will always be locked to keep children and pets away from the chemicals and expensive equipment. So don't worry if you use offcuts of wood for storage shelves or recycled shelf brackets. No one will ever see! Then you can save some cash to spend on the interior space where you and your guests will be spending time.

Don't forget about storage for towels and dressing gowns. Some hooks and towel rails will be just fine or you can use use storage trunks and benches, which double up as seating.

For small pool house cabanas, it's very important that you are clever with your storage. Put storage trunks around the outside walls, to create a nice area for seating that doesn't take up too much space. Overhead shelves are also a really good idea.

Stylish Flooring

This can be quite a large investment, so it's important to shop around for your flooring. Tiles are wet resistant, but can be quite slippery. Wooden floors are extremely stylish and look great in open plan cabanas, but they can be quite expensive and need to be waterproofed and treated.

One way to get round this is to use wood effect lino, which is much cheaper and still has a really modern look. Some of the linos available on the market today even have a grain pattern imprinted into them, so they not only look like wood they also feel like it.

If you have a small pool house, go to a superstore that sells flooring and carpets. You may be able to pick up a bargain on some offcuts of flooring which they sell at a really cheap price.

Colour Scheme and Painting

Using neutral colours is one of the best ways of creating an open, airy pool house cabana that looks well designed. This is particularly important if you have a small pool house, as dark colours will make it look even smaller.

Always choose moisture resistant paint, which can be wiped down to clean off any finger marks the children have made. By using neutral colours, you can then add a splash of colour with your accessories to put your unique stamp on your pool house.


Accessories are key for creating a unique style statement that gives any pool house an elegant finish with some added wow factor. Candles, nightlights and lanterns create a cozy atmosphere in the evenings as well as a sophisticated entertaining space.

You can also add some wall hangings for extra colour and glamour. All you need is some luxurious material, which you can ask someone to edge and create some loops at the top. Then simply use a curtain rail to mount on the walls. This is a really economical way of creating unique wall art, that stamps your pool house cabana with elegance and a splash of colour, without being over the top. Or if you are a budding artist or have some extra money to spend, you could commission a wall mural.

Finally, use the landscape around your pool house cabana to create texture and colour. Ferns, palm trees and flowering climbers look fabulous around a pool house and really help to create a beach atmosphere, reminiscent of your last holiday.

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