Moving a Shed on Snow Skis

by Tireguy

I once moved a 12 x 16 Shed that had a wood floor in it. I was in Wasilla Alaska. I wanted the shed moved & thought in summer it would fall apart trying to move it. I jacked it up with a Handyman Jack little by little until it was about a foot off the ground.

I put two Large 4x6 post under it and used Lag bolts to hold the Post's to the floor and then bought old snow skis and screwed them to the bottom of the post. Waited for a good snow then my Buddy used his 4x4 truck pulling & I used my old plow truck to push.

We moved it a good distance to the other side of my property. Jacked it back up pulled the skis and post off then set it on cinder blocks. Worked well.

Good idea in Cold snowy areas.

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