Moving a big shed a few feet

by Brian J Landsberger
(Las Vegas, NV)

We have a 13 x 28 ft wood frame shed on a flat slab that we need to move three to four feet to comply with code setback rules. The direction of move is parallel to the short side. Is it possible to pour a slab extension and slide the structure onto the new slab? I understand that the old hold down bolts must be cut off at slab level.

If it is possible what tips do you have to keep the structure from warping, cracking or bending and what machine or tool to use to move the shed. Also any techniques to make the sliding as easy as possible such as slipping lubricated strips of metal under the bottom 2x4s. Who would you call to do the work?

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Jun 13, 2010
My shed moving tips
by: John - Admin

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your question. You must be a bit frustrated after having a built a shed of that size to have to move it just 3 feet! I've got a couple of tips and it would be great to hear how you get on.

Firstly, I would empty the shed (to make it as light as possible) and do my best to brace all openings so that as you move the shed it does not 'rack' and cause damage to the finish of the shed or cause the windows to crack or doors to distort.

As it only has to move 4 feet or so your proposal to cast a new concrete slab for it to move on to sounds a reasonable proposal.

For lifting the shed to insert plates or rollers( such as steel scaffold poles) I think that a series of car jacks at strong points around the perimeter which could be lifted a small amount in turn or with the help of others.

For the motive power it depends on how much space you have in the direction that you are moving. The ideal solution would be a truck with a winch, or even connecting the building to the tow bar of the truck and inching forward. Failing that some sort of manual winch such as a tirfor anchored in to the ground would give you a lot of control. I think that you need to be pulling from at least two separate points each of which need to be strong enough to resist the forces you are applying and the floor braced to that the building does not distort on plan.

As to who would be able to do this sort of project I would have thought most practical local builders or carpenters are experienced with the practicalities of moving large objects.

I hope that this was helpful and do let me know how you get on.

Best Regards


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