Motorcycle Storage Shed: How To Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

When buying a motorcycle storage shed, one of the main considerations is security. Thefts of motorbikes, quads and ride-on mowers are on the rise so it's important to keep your motorcycle under lock and key in a shed that's built with security in mind.

There are many shed manufacturers who make sheds specifically for motorcycle storage. They offer everything you need to keep your motorbike secure and protected from thieves, as well as from the weather. They also keep accessibility in mind and ensure you have a shed you can ride your bike straight into without having to dismount.

If you want to buy a motorcycle storage shed, read this guide to ensure you're getting all the essential features you need:

Security features

If you're using your shed purely for motorcycle storage, it's best not to have large windows that give potential thieves the chance to see inside and eye up your motorcycle. If you put temptation before their eyes and show them your expensive bike, they'll probably do everything they can to break inside and get in. The best option for allowing some natural light is to use skylights or security windows which are shallow, horizontal windows that sit just below the eaves. They allow enough light inside to see when you are in there but are too high for thieves to look in.

Concealed hinges are also a good idea to prevent the doors from being unscrewed and removed. You can also add extra nuts on the bolts inside that join the sidings and roof together to prevent them being undone from the outside.

You'll also want to invest in a good locking system for your motorcycle storage shed and it really depends on the level of security you require. Heavy duty padlocks are a good starting point, but you can also consider an extra metal gate over the door or a shed bar to prevent the door from being opened.

Weather protection

Motorcycle storage sheds are also essential for keeping your motorcycle protected from weather damage. It's not just the cold and wet weather you need to be aware of – UV damage from the sun can cause your paintwork to fade.

Although motorcycles are built with a good level of rain protection, they do use some porous materials which won't wear well if left out in the rain for days on end. Wind can also be a potential hazard and can blow your bike over or cause other objects to damage it. The experts really do advise to keep your motorbike inside a storage shed when it's not in use.

Shed height

Don't forget that you'll need to be able to get your motorcycle in and out of its storage shed easily, without causing damage to either your bike or the shed. So you'll need a shed that has a door high enough to allow you to stand up inside and ride your bike into.

You'll also need double doors with at least a foot either side of the widest part of the bike so that you can get inside easily. An integral ramp that comes with the shed is particularly useful for riding in and out, however you could build your own ramp from concrete or metal.

Weight bearing base

Your motorcycle storage shed needs to be able to support the heavy load of a motorcycle. You'll need to ensure the base is strong enough to hold the weight of the bike, concrete is the best base and flooring to use. It also gives you a strong structure on which to build your shed and make sure it's extremely secure against the weather and potential thieves. You can always add some wooden flooring on top if you don't like the feel of concrete.


The final point to consider when buying your motorcycle storage shed is whether it will be certified by the relevant loss prevention certification board. This could give you a discount on your insurance in some countries. Ask your insurance company before you make your shed purchase if there are any brands which they recommend and that can give you some discount.

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