Metal Sheds - What are your thoughts?

Metal shed damaged in the snow

Metal shed damaged in the snow

Metal sheds are the focus of this February 2010 issue of Shed Building Monthly - the good, the bad and the ugly! Hopefully we can draw some useful conclusions from the experiences sent in by recent visitors.

If you live in the UK you will have experienced quite a bit of snow this last month. This proved quite a challenge for all of us getting to work and moving about. It was also a bit of a challenge for some of the countries sheds - too much in some cases!

To start off with lets have a look at a couple of sheds that did not perform so well in the harsh weather.

Gregory Black from South Lanarkshire, Scotland sent in this report of how his Yardmaster shed performed.

James Foreman from Aberdeenshire, sent in this report of what happened to his Arrow shed bought from Argos.

Two visitors that were happy with their metals sheds were:

Patrick from Tunbridge Wells, Kent with his Biohort 'Avantgarde'

SB from Yorkshire with his Asgard addition bikestore

So there we have it four metal sheds - two happy shed owners and two dissatisfied shed owners.

What do you think of metal sheds? Cheap and flimsy? Or stylish and secure?

Add your comments to the form below ;-)

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Building Metal Sheds
by: Walt, Portland, Oregon, USA

Years ago I built one that I had purchased at Sears, I think. I have always said after that experience that I would not build another. It was too dangerous and now I am much older (63). I have to tear down a metal shed on our new/used mobile home lot. I'm not looking forward to the sharp edges and cuts that I will surely get.

I am planning to build a nice wood shop (out of wood also) in its place, probably 12x16 or so. I'll send the design in for comment from all of you before I start.

wooden sheds -- better
by: Len


Being in the locally sawn lumber and forestry business, I like wood. And wooden sheds are tough, when you use full thickness, rough sawn lumber. We like post and beam framework -- to be extra strong.

Just a thought! We would like to sponsor a shed design competition for locally crafted, sourced wooden sheds! At a standard footprint of 10 x 12 feet. Please send your creative design to len@greenleafforestry.oom. We will try to build the best one! See our website at


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