Lowe's 10 x 16 shed

by Nia
(Atlanta, GA)

Lowe's 10 x 16 shed

Lowe's 10 x 16 shed

I bought this Lowe's 10x16 storage shed about three years ago and paid approximately $1400. Once I got the shed to my home it took me and 2 friends about a day and a half to put up. One thing that was missing from the set was a wooden slat, I returned to the store and they gave it to me along with a coupon for the inconvenience.

The first few hours we started working on it, we realized the location we picked for the shed was on a slight incline, so we moved it before we continued. We didn't have much of the shed up yet, so it worked out for the best.

The manual was very descriptive and had a lot of pictures to help along the way. The tools that we had to use were just hammers and power drills.

As of now, I just use the shed to store my lawn tools and my lawnmower and ladders. It has held up quite well, however the wood on the interior of the shed is beginning to look dis-coloured. The exterior colour is holding up quite nicely, but the colour is fading a little on the left side since that's where the sun hits it the most. I haven't had any problems with any insects or rodents getting into it.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this shed. Though I was not fond of the colour at first, I am glad that I got a dark colour since it doesn't get as dirty (I originally wanted a cream-coloured one). It was a very good buy and I would definitely recommend this shed.

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