Lifetime Storage Shed 8 feet by 5 feet

by Patrick Zbasnik
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

My Storage Shed

My Storage Shed

I purchased my storage shed approximately 4 summers ago from the Home Depot. It was originally purchased to house a few various tools and machines such as a riding lawn mower, snow blower, etc. However, after assembling it, my partner and I realized that we could do so much more with it. Due to the shelving units and workspace we have converted half of the shed into a mini planting station, which we utilize as our workspace for planting seeds, seedlings, and repotting plants. Our Lifetime Storage Shed has been well worth the price.

The construction of the Lifetime Storage Shed was somewhat confusing; however, it did provide picture clues as to the pieces and parts it was asking to be assembled together. The installation definitely required at least two individuals to assist and I believe that the installation took approximately 2 hours after we identified each part and the tools required. All assembly pieces/parts were included, but the required tools we not; however, the instructions did indicate specifically what tools and in what sizes were require to complete the installation.

I would absolutely recommend this shed to others. The best feature of this brand of storage sheds is the various dimensions and additional features you can purchase. Some include sunroofs and others come in large or unusual dimensions to fit your yard or space.

The plastic that the shed has been created out of is quite durable. We have not noticed any UV damage, however, in the high traffic areas (and where some of the machines scrape or run against are showing show signs of ageing, but that is mostly cosmetic. I have not noticed any leaks, but there are some spaces between the parts in the construction where pieces overlap, allowing for bugs to enter the storage shed. Please rest assured that the gaps are only a couple millimeters at most and not large enough to allow any animals inside.

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