Leveling off a shed floor on slabs

by Darren

Hi John, What's the easiest way to level off a tongue & groove floor which is laid onto Concrete slabs? What I mean is, in certain areas it dips slightly. I've tried packing little blocks of wood under the areas that need sorting out, but it just seems like an ever ending task.

Darren :-(

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How to level a shed floor
by: Anonymous

Hi Darren,
Thanks for your question. I understand your difficulties. There are two parts to follow here, firstly the sequence for levelling the shed floor and secondly the method for achieving those adjustments.

The general method for levelling a shed floor is to get one corner at the correct height. Working from here the floor beam is then levelled using a spirit level to the next corner. Then keep on working your way around the building.

From your question I think that you generally get this part of the job. It is the method of packing the beams that is causing difficulty. I have two suggestions here.

The first is to use an adjustable shed foot (you can find these on Amazon). These feet are made of plastic and a screw thread so are continuously adjustable. They aren't too expensive and seem to work well. I used them to install this shed base.

The second method of packing the beams is to use premade plastic shims that are available from DIY suppliers such as Screwfix. These plastic shims are horseshoe shaped and colour coded in different thickness of 1, 2, 5, 10 mm so that you can very quickly get the right thickness of spacer that you need. A friend of mine reckons that they are one of the best inventions of this century (way ahead of all this tech crap!). I think that you might agree ;-)

I hope that the above helps, let me know how you get on.


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