Keter Fortis Shed 7'x10'

by Daniel Franks
(Davidson, Indiana)

Keter Fortis Resin Shed

Keter Fortis Resin Shed

Keter Fortis Shed: I bought this shed over a year ago for a little under $1,500. I’d have to say that when I popped open the box to put the shed together, I thought that it would be harder than it is, but it’s not all that hard. Because it’s plastic and mostly it pops together.

Height: 7'2"
Width: 8'5"
Depth: 10'10"

I’d have to say that if anything, you’re going to need someone else there. Not because it really takes that many hands, but because it’s so big, you’re going to need someone to hold it until you get it so that it can stand on its own.

When I was looking at sheds, I went all out and researched and looked over many sheds and settled on this one. I really liked the durability of the Rubbermaid sheds, but I wasn't so much a fan of the look. To me, it looked a little too much like a child's play toy instead of an actual shed. Still, we liked the fact that it was plastic because we’ve had metal sheds before and they always turn ugly in the course of a year. The metal rusts and then you don’t even want it in the yard anymore.

We just use this shed to put normal yard equipment in and I love the fact that it has shelves inside to put things on. I always hate sheds that don’t have shelves because you’re leaving so much room on the walls to put things and if you do put up your own make-shift shelves, they never look that great. This one not only looks great but holds up to anything you put on it.

Haven’t had any problems with the shed so far and it still looks great. You just have to power wash it so that it doesn’t grow anything nasty on it. Not that hard.

I have to tell you that if there any secrets to shed building, it’s not to take it quick. You’re not going to be able to throw it together in one sitting and if you do, you’ll wish that you would have taken your time.

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Black & Decker Apex Resin Shed 8 x 6

by Mark Suever
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Black and Decker Shed

Black and Decker Shed

I purchased the shed myself at Lowes in Phoenix for about $600. It was a fairly easy setup process. Black and Decker provided detailed instructions which enabled me to put it together in about an hour. I'm not sure if it came with tools since I have all of my own. It's being used to store my pool equipment.

Its held up pretty well over the last five years or so. The only problem I can think of is the door kind of sticks when you try to open it. Never noticed any leaking during storms, although I don't hang out in there during storms.

I would definitely recommend it. If only it came in a redwood finish for the same price to match my deck!

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Comments for Black & Decker Apex Resin Shed 8 x 6

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Lost instructions B& D Apex Resin Shed
by: Anonymous

Love my shed, but moved it yesterday (with help) to a new house. (Wish we had a picture of us rolling down the street) Can't find the instructions for re-assembly in the mess. Anybody got a copy I could request? Lowe's doesn't carry it any more, and Black and Decker doesn't acknowledge it.

Thanks in advance: I think we can muddle through it without if we have to, but the plans would help!

Instructions for shed assembly
by: John in FL

I have this shed and lost the instructions as well. I discovered a few yrs ago that the shed is actually manufactured by Keter. Here is a link I just found to the instructions on the Keter website. The walls appear to be of a different finish, but assembly appears exactly the same.
Hope this helps:


SpaceRite series Apex 8 x 6
by: Anonymous

Moved my shed from previous home to new hom and lost two parts.......anybody know where I order them from?

@Spacerite - missing parts
by: Anonymous

Try the Keter website for parts...

For the Category, choose "Storage Buildings" from the drop-down list.

Hope this helps.

Instructions for assembling shed
by: JAN

Lost my instructions to my Apex Resin Shed. Thanks for all the information here. Downloaded instructions from the Keter website. Can now disassemble and reassemble shed at new house.

Need replacement handles
by: Anonymous

The handles on my shed have pulled away from the door and bent. I need to find replacement doors. Any information would be appreciated!

satisfied with purchase
by: Anonymous

I have a Black and Decker shed 8x6, it is about 5 years old and still in good shape. I would like to purchase a kit to extend it to an 8x8. Need help finding one.

by: Anonymous

The Black&Deckert was later made by company called KETER. You can find replacement part for purchase on

Black & Decker Apex Resin Shed 8 x 6
by: Anonymous

We put this shed up over 8 years ago, in our back yard which is wide open to the Avalon NJ bay.

It put up with everything Mother Nature threw at it until 2012's Storm Sandy raised the water level to four feet and drove a pier thru it.

The nice thing about Black & Decker is that when a panel and a door were damaged (in different years) they sent us a new part, no cost or shipping charges.

plans for resin shed
by: Anonymous

Resin shed plans

I have a set of assembly inst. for the B&D resin shed but I,m looking for a pair of the middle hinges for the doors, can't seem to get the old ones off without breaking them. Can't find them at keter or anywhere else. Love the shed though. It made it through Katrin! I strapped it down with 4 5 gallon buckets filled with concrete min with ss eyebolts and those rachet straps. Got er done!

Keter done good
by: kyle144

Have 2@Keter/Black&Decker/Apex 8x6 sheds. Been through a lot and needed some TLC. Couldn't find an online spot to order parts so called their customer service number.

Told them I had an Apex/Black&Decker 8x6 and needed pins and hinges and possibly a door. door was $77. That will have to wait. hinge pins were .50, got 8, hinges were $2, got 4. out the door it was $12 including shipping.

Amazing, a company that isn't trying to gouge me for parts! I'll be looking at Keter the next time I want to purchase a shed!

Customer service #: (888) 374-4262

Black & Decker Apex 8x6 discontinued...
by: Pamela

Update: Spoke with a Rep at Keter this date (06 April 2017) to order door hinges/pins. This storage building has been discontinued and when parts in Keter inventory for the subject storage building have been depleted, they will no longer be available. Already, the door is no longer available (see kyle144 post/$77). Keter is now offering a double set of doors (nice, but a different design) at a cost of about $277.

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Keter XL Vertical Shed

by Carolyn Smith
(Los Angeles, CA)

Keter XL vertical shed

Keter XL vertical shed

I bought my Keter shed at Lowe's about 5 years ago. I saw it in a weekly circular that came with the Los Angeles Times. The dimensions of the shed in inches are 57.5 w x 78.7 d x 79.9 h. Because I needed the room, I chose to get the optional extension, which doubles the capacity of the shed.

At the time the Keter shed was on sale for around $400.00 and compared the other sheds that I had been looking at, it was a deal. So, I bought it, took it home, and began to set up.

The Keter shed was extremely easy to put up. I was stuck doing it by myself, and I thought it might be a challenge (Note: I’m a 5’2” female with a slight build). To my delight, there were no metal parts, no metal screws, or nuts to install. The step-by-step instructions were clear and easy, and it only took about a half an hour to build. When it was finished, I had a solid shed that didn’t wobble or slant.

I use the shed to store excess inventory in for my small business. The shed is roomy enough for shelving and a desk to do inventory work and bookkeeping on. My shed is like a small backyard office.

Even though I live in Southern California where the weather is mild, it does rain during the winter and spring months. The Keter shed has never leaked, and I can rest easily knowing that my inventory is safe. The shed is extremely durable, and after 5 years it hasn’t faded, warped, or rotted in any way whatsoever.

I would highly recommend my Keter shed to anyone. I don’t know what I would do without it. It makes life easier for me and helps tremendously with my small business. It is a great product.

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Keter Gemini Storage Shed 6 x 6.5

by Jackie
(Los Angeles, CA)

My Keter Gemini Shed

My Keter Gemini Shed

i) I originally purchased this shed at a Pepboys in 2006. Surprisingly the assistant manager who helped me was very courteous and helpful. The shed was five hundred dollars with a $50 dollar mail-in rebate.

ii) The shed was relatively easy to put up. The instructions were very easy to follow and the shed was assembled in about 35 minutes by myself and boyfriend. The instructions said it would take 2-3 hours but it was probably based on people who couldn't follow instructions. I can't remember what tools exactly were needed. I think it was something like a screwdriver and a small hammer. I do remember that the tools were not included but I had all the tools needed in my toolbox. I didn't encounter any problems

iii) I use the shed for extra storage space. I have a dresser and seasonal decorations and boxes with stuff I am not currently using inside the shed. The shed also has a place to put a lock on the front door of the shed.

Before purchasing it I had a couple reservations because I thought the plastic material it was made of wouldn't be durable and my items might become exposed to the elements and damaged. But after 3 years the heavy duty plastic has been sturdy and the shed hasn't even really faded from being in the sun. The colour is about the same as when I first purchased it.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Keter shed. This isn't a cheap plastic shed that will blow away but is a very durable shed and withstands rain and also has a nice little window.

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