Keter Gemini Storage Shed 6 x 6.5

by Jackie
(Los Angeles, CA)

My Keter Gemini Shed

My Keter Gemini Shed

i) I originally purchased this shed at a Pepboys in 2006. Surprisingly the assistant manager who helped me was very courteous and helpful. The shed was five hundred dollars with a $50 dollar mail-in rebate.

ii) The shed was relatively easy to put up. The instructions were very easy to follow and the shed was assembled in about 35 minutes by myself and boyfriend. The instructions said it would take 2-3 hours but it was probably based on people who couldn't follow instructions. I can't remember what tools exactly were needed. I think it was something like a screwdriver and a small hammer. I do remember that the tools were not included but I had all the tools needed in my toolbox. I didn't encounter any problems

iii) I use the shed for extra storage space. I have a dresser and seasonal decorations and boxes with stuff I am not currently using inside the shed. The shed also has a place to put a lock on the front door of the shed.

Before purchasing it I had a couple reservations because I thought the plastic material it was made of wouldn't be durable and my items might become exposed to the elements and damaged. But after 3 years the heavy duty plastic has been sturdy and the shed hasn't even really faded from being in the sun. The colour is about the same as when I first purchased it.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Keter shed. This isn't a cheap plastic shed that will blow away but is a very durable shed and withstands rain and also has a nice little window.

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