Keter Fortis Shed 7'x10'

by Daniel Franks
(Davidson, Indiana)

Keter Fortis Resin Shed

Keter Fortis Resin Shed

Keter Fortis Shed

Height: 7'2"
Width: 8'5"
Depth: 10'10"

I bought this shed over a year ago for a little under $1,500. I’d have to say that when I popped open the box to put the shed together, I thought that it would be harder than it is, but it’s not all that hard. Because it’s plastic and mostly it pops together.

I’d have to say that if anything, you’re going to need someone else there. Not because it really takes that many hands, but because it’s so big, you’re going to need someone to hold it until you get it so that it can stand on its own.

When I was looking at sheds, I went all out and researched and looked over many shed and settled on this one. I really liked the durability of the Rubbermaid sheds, but I wasn't so much a fan of the look. To me, it looked a little too much like a childs play toy instead of an actual shed. Still, we liked the fact that it was plastic because we’ve had metal sheds before and they always turn ugly in the course of a year. The metal rusts and then you don’t even want it in the yard anymore.

We just use this shed to put normal yard equipment in and I love the fact that it has shelves inside to put things on. I always hate sheds that don’t have shelves because you’re leaving so much room on the walls to put things and if you do put up your own make-shift shelves, they never look that great. This one not only looks great, but holds up to anything you put on it.

Haven’t had any problems with the shed so far and it still looks great. You just have to power wash it so that it doesn’t grow anything nasty on it. Not that hard.

I have to tell you that if there any secrets to shed building, it’s not to take it quick. You’re not going to be able to throw it together in one sitting and if you do, you’ll wish that you would have taken your time.

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