Is a floor required?

by RJ
(Athens GA)

How necessary is building a floor on your shed?

I have very hard red georgia clay. Doesn't really snow at all. I'm trying to save money building the shed so if a floor isn't necessary and won't cause any big problems down the road I was considering leaving the floor out.




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Reasons for installing a shed floor
by: John

Hi RJ,
Thanks for your questions. I am not familiar with the ground conditions where you live, what the weather conditions are or what you intend to use this shed for. It may well be that your project will work well without a floor. I will outline below the reasons why floors are more often than not installed in sheds and then hopefully you can come to your own decision.

An important function of a floor is to stop dampness from the soil getting into the shed. The floor does this in two ways. Firstly by lifting the surface of the shed off the ground, air can flow underneath the floor allowing any moisture vapour to be vented out to the atmosphere. Secondly some shed floors may have a physical barrier in the form of a PVC Damp Proof Membrane that stops water penetration. A shed with a damp internal atmosphere is not a good place for storing many items that are susceptible to rust, mildew etc.

Lifting the floor off the ground also helps to protect the the contents of the shed from vermin (insects and animals). Vermin such as rats and mice get easier access to the shed if there isn't a floor, also burrowing creatures can come up through the floor. In terms of insects having a floor is a good barrier to ants, slugs etc.

Depending on the use of the shed having a good flat floor may or may not be important. However it is easier to achieve a flat floor using timber or concrete than simply levelling the ground.

Those are my top three reasons for having a floor in a shed. I think that they are fairly compelling. Though if the shed was a run-in shed for animals a floor is not often used and also some storage type barns or pole sheds are often constructed without floors.

If budget is your main concern it could be that you design your shed so that if you really need a floor that you could install one later as finances allow.

Let me know how you get on.

All the best


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