Insulating a 16'x10' Shiplap Shed

by Mark

Hi there I'm just in the process of buying a 16x10 ship lap shed with steel roof.

Just a couple of questions

1.What insulation for walls -thickness and type

2 What material to cover insulation -plywood plasterboard and what thickness on walls

3.What thickness of insulation on floor and what to cover insulation and what thickness

4 I'm thinking of using pvc windows instead of single pane supplied -are they difficult and successful to fit to timber shed

5 Thank for your time in reading this

this building is situated in Ireland where cold and damp come from. ;-)

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Jan 10, 2011
by: Lindsay

I just finished insulating my 10 ft X 16 ft from the ground up shed. It is on 16 in centers on the walls and 24 inch centers on the roof. I used fiberglass batting R-13 on the walls and R-19 on the ceiling. It is very warm in the winter with just a small space heater. Be sure to insulate the doors also. I plan on adding a small AC when summer arrives. In your area, you might want to consider insulating under the shed with some type of rigid insulation. My shed is no long "the shed", but has now become "the shop".


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