Home Depot Storage Shed 8 x 15

by Metramade
(Morgan, SC)

Our Home Depot Horizon Shed

Our Home Depot Horizon Shed

This is our storage shed. It’s one of the old models of Home Depot’s Horizon Shed. I’ve been to the store recently and now I’ve see that instead of having the doors on one side, there’s a single door on the side with a double door on the end. I’m not sure why they did that, but I like our old version the way it is.

This one is about 3 years old and it’s held up so nice. We get a lot of rain and there has never been any leaks and to tell you the truth, I’ve accidentally ran into it with the riding lawnmower and it didn’t even budge from the foundation. I have to say that’s pretty amazing craftsmanship. I wish that I could take the credit for it, but the good thing about Home Depot is that they set it up for us. While I say that they set it up for us, what they do is contract it out to a local construction company that comes out and does it themselves. I do have to say that they did a pretty good job. Although, the foundation didn’t come as part of it, so I went ahead and poured the foundation myself. That’s fine; I’m comfortable with it and have done it many times.

The size of this is 15x8, which is a pretty nice size. It has enough room for everything that we need and we were even able to put a little counter in there for some garden things. I really think this shed is amazing and would be great for anyone. I don’t know how the new version of this shed is, but if they’re anything like mine, they’re perfect.

I know that I could have bought one and put it together myself, but it was summer and I didn’t want to spend the time. I should get credit for pouring the foundation, though, lol :-)

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