Home Depot 8 x 8 Garden shed

by Karen
(Westland, MI)

GG's  8 x 8 Garden Shed

GG's 8 x 8 Garden Shed

I purchased this garden shed about 8 years ago from Home Depot for about $800. I think the model number is 18276-1. It is 8X8 and is attached to the cement pad below. I couldn't find my original paperwork, so I'm using my best guess on this.

My son, my brother and I put it together. It was pretty easy with clear instructions and pictures. Everything was included. We used screwdrivers, hammers and a robo-wrench. It took us about 5 hours total excluding the cement pad, which my brother laid about 10 days before.

I use it for my gardening supplies and outdoor holiday decorations. I have been very happy with the shed - it has held up well. I want to add some kind of lighting and I want to change the shelving units I have, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Right now I only have one shelf unit along the back wall. I would like to put shelves around all three walls with baskets or bins to hold small items. That would help with organization since I tend to lose things.

The only issue I have is that the color of the doors has weathered differently than the body of the shed. I’m not sure why. So, my next project is to embellish the doors somehow. I was just going to paint the centers, maybe white, but now I think I might stencil them. I have two options I am considering – I love roosters, so maybe I can find some stencils with large roosters, otherwise I might do some kind of quilt squares, a different one on each door.

I would recommend this shed if you have a small yard and need some extra space. It’s compact and it looks cute in the landscape.

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Home Depot Classic Shed '05 (11'x20')

by David Parry
(Morgan, SC)

Home Depot Classic w/ Optional Windows & Doors

Home Depot Classic w/ Optional Windows & Doors

This is my shed that I bought from Home Depot a couple of summers ago. It’s the “Classic” version of their sheds that they have available. The size of the shed is 11’x20’. The great thing about Home Depot sheds is that they give you the option to either have them installed by their professional installers… aka… local contractors or you can build them yourself with the “kit.”

Well, let’s just say that I didn’t take the easy way – or as my wife would call it, the smart way.
We decided for me to put it up ourselves.

I got some friends to come over and we went at it. The thing about these are that it comes with all the wood and what not, but it doesn’t come with the nails and what not. You have to buy those, but I have a good collection of tools and what not around, so I had all the things that I needed.

The instructions were as clear as most things that you’re going to put together. Although, I would say that you’re going to need a bit of skill in building things or you’re really going to have a hard time. It took my friends and myself the good portion of the weekend to put it together, but that doesn’t include us slacking off.

We used hammer, screwdrivers, drills… not to mention all the tools required to put in a cement foundation. We didn’t really have any problems other than a couple of my friends being horrible at using a level, lol.

We use our shed to keep the lawnmower and other various tools and equipment in. We keep more bigger things in there because we have a room in the garage where the tools and what not are placed.

The shed is pretty great. We went for the optional windows instead of the regular windows because we thought that maybe it would help keep the rain out so that we can get some air through there during the summer.

We haven’t had any problems with it. It’s a pretty solid shed and I have to say that it’s part in good work from Home Depot and good work from me putting it together, lol.

This is a great shed for someone looking for one, but if you’re not all the best at hardware or building, you might want to have other people put it together or go the route of Home Depot and have them build it for you.

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Home Depot Storage Shed Size 8'-12'

by Dave G

I'd probably say this Home Depot Storage shed is best for its value and accessibility. The shed was pretty much straightforward and easy to put together as the instructions were very clear. In terms of any parts missing, I did have to buy some bolts which were not included in the shed assembly kit. I had some help putting together the shed but I was able to have it prepped and finished in approximately 8 hours done over a two-day span.

I used pressure treated 2 by 4's, piers of concrete, a hammer, nails, a tape measure and saw to build the shed. They were not supplied with the assembly kit. The only problem which I came across were the missing parts, but after informing Home Depot, I was given the said parts for free.

I use this shed for mostly tools and some dry foods. I found the shed to be more than satisfactory and it hasn't sprung a leak just yet (although I've only had it for approximately a year now).

The asphalt roof is extremely durable and the wood itself is of good quality. I haven't had any problems with the shed just yet and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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Pressure treated lumber-Walls?
by: Pete

Are the walls made out of pressure treated lumber? We have termites and Carpenter ants and I need something resistant to these.

shed walls
by: John

Hi Pete,
From my knowledge and a bit of research I would not expect the walls to be pressure treated. From my experience the floor timbers would be pressure treated as these are the only bit that is in contact with the ground. Pressure treatment gives the wood resistance to fungal and insect attack. The floor itself and all timber above is assumed to be dry and so therefore not vulnerable to fungal attack (fungus only grows in wood at higher moisture content).

So, the solution to your problem may be to build your own shed or choose a shed made from metal, plastic or resin.

Check out some of the other reviews on this page and also the Arrow and Rubbermaid review pages.



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Home Depot 10x8 Shed w/ Double Door Option TB-600

by Tetramobile
(Watertown, NY)

My Gambrel Shed

My Gambrel Shed

This Home Depot shed is something that we recently purchased. We had an old one almost identical to it in its place, but it was pretty old and we felt the need to get it replaced. We also have another metal shed, but I’m really hoping to get rid of it. It’s not that I didn’t like the metal shed, but it just doesn’t hold up as well and as the years pass by it starts to look a little long in the tooth.

I really wish that I could tell this amazing story about how I spent all day, used all my tools, hurt myself and put it together, but that’s not the case. I bought this at Home Depot and had them come out and put it together. It was pretty easy. That’s not something that I would normally do, but I got such a great deal on the shed, I figured 'why not'. I really do like the fact that I didn’t have to do anything, especially since I had to put together our metal shed and that was such a pain in the butt. Working with the floor and making sure it was level and then putting all the pieces. It was just no fun. Then, I had to move the shed because “we” wanted it in a different place. Just not fun.

There isn’t any skylight or anything great in it, but it does have electricity running to it, which is pretty great because I store my air compressor in there. So, now if I need it, I don’t have to pull it out and drag it to a plug to use it. This is the TB-600 version of Home Depot’s storage shed with the optional double door. The dimensions are 10x8x10. Hopefully, there’s a way that we’ll be able to get everything in here and we can get rid of the metal one. Fingers crossed.

If you're in the mood for a shed, this will work out amazing. It's a little bit of an investment, but it'll be around for a long time. Plus, it gives a nice little country look to your yard.

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Home Depot Storage Shed 8 x 15

by Metramade
(Morgan, SC)

Our Home Depot Horizon Shed

Our Home Depot Horizon Shed

This is our storage shed. It’s one of the old models of Home Depot’s Horizon Shed. I’ve been to the store recently and now I’ve see that instead of having the doors on one side, there’s a single door on the side with a double door on the end. I’m not sure why they did that, but I like our old version the way it is.

This one is about 3 years old and it’s held up so nice. We get a lot of rain and there has never been any leaks and to tell you the truth, I’ve accidentally ran into it with the riding lawnmower and it didn’t even budge from the foundation. I have to say that’s pretty amazing craftsmanship. I wish that I could take the credit for it, but the good thing about Home Depot is that they set it up for us. While I say that they set it up for us, what they do is contract it out to a local construction company that comes out and does it themselves. I do have to say that they did a pretty good job. Although, the foundation didn’t come as part of it, so I went ahead and poured the foundation myself. That’s fine; I’m comfortable with it and have done it many times.

The size of this is 15x8, which is a pretty nice size. It has enough room for everything that we need and we were even able to put a little counter in there for some garden things. I really think this shed is amazing and would be great for anyone. I don’t know how the new version of this shed is, but if they’re anything like mine, they’re perfect.

I know that I could have bought one and put it together myself, but it was summer and I didn’t want to spend the time. I should get credit for pouring the foundation, though, lol :-)

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