Home Depot Classic Shed '05 (11'x20')

by David Parry
(Morgan, SC)

Home Depot Classic w/ Optional Windows & Doors

Home Depot Classic w/ Optional Windows & Doors

This is my shed that I bought from Home Depot a couple of summers ago. It’s the “Classic” version of their sheds that they have available. The size of the shed is 11’x20’. The great thing about Home Depot sheds is that they give you the option to either have them installed by their professional installers… aka… local contractors or you can build them yourself with the “kit.”

Well, let’s just say that I didn’t take the easy way – or as my wife would call it, the smart way.
We decided for me to put it up ourselves.

I got some friends to come over and we went at it. The thing about these are that it comes with all the wood and what not, but it doesn’t come with the nails and what not. You have to buy those, but I have a good collection of tools and what not around, so I had all the things that I needed.

The instructions were as clear as most things that you’re going to put together. Although, I would say that you’re going to need a bit of skill in building things or you’re really going to have a hard time. It took my friends and myself the good portion of the weekend to put it together, but that doesn’t include us slacking off.

We used hammer, screwdrivers, drills… not to mention all the tools required to put in a cement foundation. We didn’t really have any problems other than a couple of my friends being horrible at using a level, lol.

We use our shed to keep the lawnmower and other various tools and equipment in. We keep more bigger things in there because we have a room in the garage where the tools and what not are placed.

The shed is pretty great. We went for the optional windows instead of the regular windows because we thought that maybe it would help keep the rain out so that we can get some air through there during the summer.

We haven’t had any problems with it. It’s a pretty solid shed and I have to say that it’s part in good work from Home Depot and good work from me putting it together, lol.

This is a great shed for someone looking for one, but if you’re not all the best at hardware or building, you might want to have other people put it together or go the route of Home Depot and have them build it for you.

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Jun 21, 2010
by: ashlov8

What was the over all cost?

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