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Handy Home shed is supplied as a 'ready to assemble' timber shed kit that comes with all of the parts and supplies that you need to put it together. If this is the first time you have built an outdoor shed kit or you are in a hurry the great thing is that all the pieces are pre-cut and ready to fix together. Follow the instructions and fasten the pieces together and you have a great place to start storing all of your stuff. Each of these sheds have been designed and tested to withstand winds of 90 miles per hour and can handle a snow load of up to 30 pounds per square feet, so you do not have to worry about the strength of the shed during inclement weather.

One of the very nice options Handy Home sheds offers are solar sheds. These sheds are designed as a great place to start your spring and summer plants. They have a large sloping window that allows the light from the sun to shine down on your potted plants and keep them safe from the elements and warm if the outside temperature should suddenly drop. The Phoenix sheds are great potting sheds and give you plenty of room to work on your seedlings during all kinds of weather.

I hope you enjoy my review of these sheds! However if you would like to read some very model specific reviews then scroll to the bottom of this page where other visitors to this site have written and submitted their own reviews on the strengths and weakness of these sheds.

Handy Home sheds come in two different styles.

The Marco Series is the smaller of the two and is a gable style shed. These sheds use 3"x 2" wall timbers. The doors come pre-hung in the door frame which make them very easy to install and you can secure them with a simple hasp and padlock combination. The hinges are galvanized with stops that keep the doors from sagging. The wood and siding they constructed from is pretreated in the factory. You only need to add a single coat of stain, paint or finish to the shed once it has been assembled to achieve the colour scheme you want.

The Premier Series is the larger series of shed and it comes in both gable and gambrel styles. The wall and roof timbers in these sheds are 2" x 4" and all of the timber for the shed has been pretreated, just like the Marco Series. These sheds are larger and have more features, such as a keyed lock for the pre-assembled and pre-hung doors. The doors can be installed on the end or the side of the shed depending on the choice you make at the start of construction and they can be manufactured in four different styles. You should have no problem finding one that meets your particular garden needs.

Windows and Foundations

The smaller Marco Kingston shed series does not come with any form of windows while the Marco Cumberland and all the sheds in the Premier series and do.

One thing to note: These kits comprise the walls and roof only. There is a floor kit available as an extra which you may or may not decide to build yourself. I'm not sure of the reason that they do it this way but my guess is that it is to enable prospective purchasers to make a direct price comparison with metal sheds which traditionally are supplied without a floor. All of these sheds can be placed on a concrete slab foundation or a timber foundation depending on your requirements.

Being made of timber you can easily add shelves and hooks to keep your tools and other supplies neat and tidy. Handy Home shed have a range of accessory kits to customize your shed, ranging from metal ramps, shelving and side kicker storage - a mini storage unit that attaches to the side of your shed and provides you with shelving space.

Your storage shed could easily look like a mini home with these kits even while they are providing you with the perfect storage solution for your yard.

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