Handy Home Products - Phoenix Solar Shed Kit 10' x 8'

by Jim

Handy Home Products 10 Ft. X 8 Ft. Phoenix Solar Shed Kit with Floor. I have had my solar shed for a couple months now and I am very happy with it. It's solid, very roomy, and goes together easily.

One nice feature is that the rafters all have a 1/2" hole in their gussets for you to run a copper or plastic pipe through to hang plants (the pipe isn't included.) You can't really add this after it's built, so pick up eight feet of 1/2" pipe with the kit.

I only ran into a couple of small problems: The 2x6 short wall header was 1/2 inch shorter then it was supposed to be and one of the joist spacers was cut crooked. Luckily I had some spare wood pieces laying around to fix that. Also, the description doesn't mention that you need to order your own drip edges - you need 60 feet worth (6 pcs.) You need to install the drip edges before installing the windows so don't put off buying the drip edges until you get the rest of the roofing material like I did - order them along with the kit.

Some other tips: The end walls (the 10' sides) have their footer plates split into two pieces (page 11 of the instructions.) The join of these two pieces doesn't meet on a stud and thus is pretty flimsy until you get the wall nailed to the sill plate. Use a scrap piece of 1x4 or 2x4 to bridge the footer to help stiffen it up.

The instructions mention that glue is optional on the rafter gussets - in my option it should be mandatory. It will easily double the strength of those trusses. One tube of liquid nails or an 8 oz bottle of wood glue is all you need. If you want to glue all of the panelling to the studs for additional strength like I did, plan on getting a total of 5 tubes of liquid nail adhesive.

The roof trusses are only tied to the tall wall with two screws. If you live in a high wind area pick up three rafter ties (search for "H2.5 Hurricane Tie") for 30 cents each for extra peace of mind. Grab an extra 2 pieces per 4' extension you buy as well.

Lastly, do your elbow a favour and rent a nail gun and air compressor. Hammering close to 800 nails by hand is very tiring. A box of 500 2" galvanized ring shank nails, and 500 galvanized 3 1/2" nails is what you'll need.

This kit is delivered in a 4' x 8' x 2' bundle on a skid and weighs about 1000 lbs. I also ordered the 4' windowed extension with it and they strapped it to the top of the main kit. That added 4' x 8' x 6" of height and weighed about 200 lbs more.

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And some more tips
by: Anonymous

I relied on these tips.

In addition, I found that having the large windows made it challenging to do the roofing and securing the windows themselves. I applied roof felt before the drip edge was applied. When securing the windows, I found that doing one window at a time, and working from the open window framing next to it made it possible to set screws.

We painted the inside window framing white, too, before installing the windows, since it is easier then.

Also, I found that levelling the trim over the door, before the door was installed helped keep things looking square. I also painted the walls and trim pieces before I installed them, touching up the nails only afterwards.

As for the door handle and door stop, I waited to install the door stop at the time I set the door handle screw to make sure it lined up perfect.

There are a lot of gaps where air and bugs can enter, so I plan to take some "good stuff" and fill them up.

Some of the wood was twisted which made squaring difficult. I used screws in the framing to correct what I could.

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Handy Home Kingston Storage Shed 8 ft. X 8 ft

by Missy
(Reno, CA, USA)

This is a similar Kingston storage shed at our old house.

This is a similar Kingston storage shed at our old house.

My husband and I bought a Kingston storage shed a few years back. We bought it online at Home Depot for $899. The price was great and the shipping was free. The shed measures 8 ft. X 8 ft.

My son came down to visit for a couple of days and helped my husband build the shed. It was quick and easy to put together. The instructions they said were well laid out. No parts were missing and it took them only a few days to complete...with many breaks throughout!

Most of the material was pre-cut and/or preassembled so only very common tools which we had on hand were necessary.

The only problems we encountered was the choice of color to paint the shed. My husband wanted red but I preferred gray to match the house.

We used the shed at first to store lawn/yard equipment. We found it to be larger than we expected though so we moved all of our seasonal decorations and tools to the shed also.

The shed withstood rain, sun, wind and almost freezing temperatures with no problems in Sacramento, California. It is highly durable with no visible marks or wear. We sold our house in California last year and we were unable to take it with us, although the shed increased the value of our home.

We hope to buy a new storage shed from Handy Homes this summer. We have already recommended this shed to our neighbors and they have bought one themselves...they love it.

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Handy Home Savannah 8' x 12' Storage Building Kit with Floor

by Joel Livingston
(Tuscon, Arizona, USA)

Finished Savannah Storage Shed. What a beauty.

Finished Savannah Storage Shed. What a beauty.

Our house does not have a garage and there is very little storage space as it is. So buying a shed was a no brainer. I needed a place where I could hang my power tools, shovels and Scag lawn mower. I have another shed but it is a small little rubber thing that is used for my kids bikes. I purchased this shed at Home Depot for under 700 dollars. The shed itself is 8' x 12'. It did not come with a door though. I was able to take measurements and find a steel door.

I love building things. I thought the shed was pretty easy to put together. I was able to build it all in about a weeks time. I built the shelf all by myself without any assistance. I used the basic nails and screws that came with the shed. Those were more than enough to keep the actual structure itself intact. The main part of the floor (the platform) was pretty simple however I did add my own foundation. I used four columns of vertical cement blocks to keep the shed raised off the ground. If I ever need to move it in the future this would allow for a much easier way.

Also when it came to the doors, I did have to do a little measuring and some power cutting. I also had to buy some hinges and steel siding to connect the door.

The shed does what it is supposed to do. I don't have any complaints about it. The pre-primed siding has kept the insects out and mildew from building up. I guess the only thing I wished that the shed had come with was skylights. I might invest in one eventually. I also plan on painting the plywood a light blue color. The durability of this shed is excellent. I would most certainly recommend this shed to people that like building things.

If you aren't really into building, I would go with something simpler. This specific shed will require that you craft your own door. The only thing left that I need to do with my shed is insert a ramp and paint it.

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I really like the looks of this project-shed.


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