Green roof dilemma

by Claire
(S.E. Wales, UK)

Hi John, bit of a sheddie me, so enjoy your articles, thanks.

We have just completed my corner shed to fit a difficult spot and although it was a budget number,which took a lot of figuring out and bracing, it is pretty fine. It is located in my small courtyard garden and I would like to green the gently sloping roof. I have noted your advice and researched structural aspects for retro-fitting but the planting is a dilemma, very cold and exposed in winter and dry and exposed in summer.

So to my question: Does anyone have and tried and tested green roofs they might like to share? photos, or links to photos would be very welcome.

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Aug 06, 2014
Green roof plants
by: John

Hi Claire,
Glad that you enjoy the site... I enjoy writing it too!

With regards to plants for your green shed roof I would recommend that you go for a selection of the many varieties of sedum, semper-vivum, grasses, mosses, alpines and even some flowering herbs.

The roof environment is very different from that at ground level. The moisture level in the soil can go up and down very quickly. The plants that you use will need to be quite tolerant of lack of water.

I recently wrote up my experience of growing plants for a green shed roof from cuttings and plants that I found. This should give you some extra knowledge over and above that provided by your local garden centre.

Let me know how you get on it would be great to see some pictures of your roof as it progresses.

All the best


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