A Guide to Gorilla Shelving

Gorilla shelving is a range of freestanding heavy duty, bolt-free metal racking units. The steel frame is powder coated for a tough exterior. These shelves are a durable and economical storage option for any shed, garage or utility area.

They are available in a number of different sizes and finishes. The shelves come with a lifetime guarantee due to their ability to hold up to 1400lbs in some models and rust resistant coating.

This article highlights the many advantages of the Gorilla racking system, as well as giving you some tips on getting the best from your shelves that will help to enhance their performance:

Ideal for heavy duty loads

Due to their robust design Gorilla storage racks are able to withstand heavy duty storage loads. Large power tools, paint, chemicals and boxes can be safely stored with up to 250lbs on each shelf.

Easy assembly and installation

Being a boltless design, these storage racks are very easy to assemble and install. All you need is a rubber mallet to fit the Z-beams together and put the laminate particle board shelves in place. Just take extra care when you're banging the pins into place as a few buyers report problems with the metal bending.

Also don't forget that these shelves are freestanding and not fixed to the wall. Therefore once assembled, it's important to keep larger, heavier items on the bottom. Or to stabilize the rack by fixing it securely to the shed wall at the top shelf level.

Easy to customize

Gorilla shelves are also very easy to customize to suit your storage space needs. The Flexi-Rack can be built 36 or 72" high, or you can configure the width you need and use the supplied clips to fix several units side by side.

Alternatively, you could choose a P-Rack which is aimed at the industrial market, but equally ideal for a large shed with a long storage wall. This rack has a double punched end post that can be used to join several racks together in one long line.

Finally you could choose the garage accessory option, which provides a workbench, lockable doors and drawers to fix to your shelves.

Functional by design

These shelves are practical, great for heavy duty storage and easy to put together. However they are a very functional design so won't win any awards in the style stakes! Although you can choose a concealed post option with the keyholes on the inside, you probably wouldn't want to use them inside the house.

Gorilla shelving are designed for use in sheds, garages, work units and industrial areas. They're not particularly pretty but then they're not designed to be! They're made for strength, usability and function and that's exactly what they provide.

Care for the environment

Gorilla Rack are trying to minimize their carbon footprint by using DuPont powder coatings to finish their shelves. These are designed for sustainability and use up to 70% recycled materials.

Value for money

Considering their strength and durability, these shelves are pretty good value for money. Prices start from around $50 per unit, depending on the size and model you choose, and they all come with a full lifetime guarantee. As always, shop around on the internet for a bargain and you're bound to find them on sale somewhere.

Taking care of your Gorilla shelving

Gorilla shelving is designed to be durable, with a rust and corrosion resistant surface. However some buyers have decided to paint the particle board part of the shelves to avoid any problems with humidity, particularly in tropical climates. This is a precaution only and may help to prevent any mould forming in the material and weakening the shelves.

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