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Successful Shed Building Day 2

Deciding On The Roof Style

Great! You did your homework and have decided on the rough size and use for your new shed

We are going to cover two things today

i) Planning rules

ii) Shed style

Firstly, planning rules.

Before you even start thinking about building anything larger than the smallest shed, find out about rules for building garden buildings in your area.

The easiest way to do this is to contact or visit your Local Council or City offices. This can be done easily in person, on the phone or increasingly by visiting their website. There is normally a clearly defined set of rules as to what you can build, whether a permit or permission is required and any other local rules that need to be observed.

Secondly, Architecture.

Having found out the local rules on height and building size you can determine the best size and height for your building. When deciding on building size a multiple of four feet (1.2m) is commonly used. The reason for this is the size that sheet materials such as plywood and OSB come in. Staying with this module makes for a more economical structure with less material wastage.

Do you know what has the most influence on the appearance of your shed?

You've done this before! You're right, the shed roof. Your choice of roof style will have the biggest impact on how your building looks. Take a look at this page I created for this course, it describes the five major roof styles and the pros and cons of each.

Homework Day Two

At this stage you might want to start playing with pencil and paper to decide what style of shed you want. To help you with your planning I made this password protected page with a video just for participants on this course.

I hope you are enjoying this course, because tomorrow we look at shed plans.

I’ll find you a free set of shed plans to help you understand what to look for and why they are an essential component of any successful shed building project.

See you tomorrow



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