How to buy a garden shed

When deciding to buy a garden shed, there are a few options:

  • Build the shed yourself

  • Hire someone to build a custom shed

  • Buy a ready-made shed

Depending upon your construction skills, and your individual needs, one option will make more sense than the others.

Garden Shed End-Use

In order to select the perfect garden shed, first you must decide what you will use the shed for. A woodshop needs electricity, work benches, drawers and space to manipulate standard-sized boards. A potting shed needs storage for soil, hooks for tools, shelves for pots and drawers for seed storage, plant labels and marking pens. A child's playhouse should be fanciful and imaginative. The end-use will determine the materials needed, the size and inside details.


If you wish for your shed to be a permanent part of your property, you need to consider durability and materials. Garden sheds near the ocean must be built of materials resistant to salt spray. Garden sheds in warmer, humid regions need to be decay resistant. Another factor to consider is ease of replacement should part of the shed break down or become damaged.


The final location of your garden shed makes a difference in whether you can buy a garden shed pre-made or if you need a custom built shed. To get a pre-made garden shed into your garden, you have to have an entrance wide enough to accommodate the shed and the truck it is on. If your garden is tucked up behind your house and you have no point of entry, you will need either a shed that you can assemble, or a custom-built shed.

Once you decide upon your end-use, you can decide how to get there.

Building Your Shed

If the best option for you is building your own garden shed, to have the shed of your dreams, purchase custom garden shed plans. Purchasing a custom shed plan allows you to differentiate your shed from your neighbor's. It also allows you to build a shed that will match or complement your house.

To decide which shed plan is right for you, consider the following:

  • Are you handy with tools? If not, you probably want to purchase a shed that comes in pre-fabricated pieces and then put it together.

  • Do you want you shed to match your house? If you do, you will need to hire someone to design a shed for you, which you can then build.

  • Do you enjoy woodworking, but are not picky about the final look of the shed? If so, purchasing shed plans from which to build is right for you.

  • Do you want a shed made from plastic or a polywood compound? If you would prefer this type of shed, it is easier to buy a pre-constructed garden shed.

Buying Garden Shed Plans

If you buy a garden shed plan these often allow for the builder to customize elements of the shed. Other plans must be rigorously followed in order to be structurally sound. If you have the funds and the interest to create a unique garden shed unlike any your friends and neighbours have, consider hiring an architect to draw a plan for you. Because a garden shed is not as complicated as a house, this is a more affordable option than it might seem. An architect can translate your vision into reality.

Purchasing Pre-Made Sheds

For those who are not handy with woodworking tools, or any tools, a pre-made shed is the best option. When you buy a garden shed this way they can be delivered straight to your garden and put into place by professionals. All you need to do is move in! You can decorate and add details to your pre-made shed such as window-boxes and weathervanes. You can paint your garden shed made of wood to match your house or your garden.

The plus-side of pre-made sheds is that they arrive ready to go. The downside is that hundreds of other people will have your shed. The construction may not be as good as if you had built it yourself , either. For convenience, though, pre-made sheds are hard to beat.

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