Building Shed Walls - Question

by Ian Doherty
(Glasgow, Scotland )

Hi John

I'm building a shed this summer (can't wait!). I want to have a high-performance wall i.e. plywood sheathing, breathable membrane, cladding. Should I nail the cladding directly onto the breathable membrane or attach battens or furring strips for the cladding?

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your question. You are right that you would nail timber strips on to the outside of the breathable membrane. The timber strips should be about 1 1/2" x 3/4" treated timber as they will in a damp environment. The purpose of spacing the cladding off the wall is to allow air flow behind the cladding timber and stop accumulation of moisture which would occur if the timber cladding was nailed directly to the membrane. Also, remember to put wire mesh insect screen at the bottom to prevent insects getting into the void.

Best of luck with your project, let us know how you get on and of course feel free to ask any more questions as you go along.



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