Building Lifetime 8X10 shed on slightly below ground

by Minh
(Toronto, Canada)

I'm planning to build a Lifetime 8x10 shed tomorrow and just noticed that the concrete foundation is not completely above ground. It's an old foundation and I just removed the old shed that was on it. The foundation is still good to use as it is. On two sides of the foundation, the top of the concrete is above the ground but on the other two sides (long and short side) it's about 3 inches below the ground. I have my brother-in-law and father-in-law coming tomorrow morning to help me build it. What can I do to properly seal the shed from water? I'm thinking of using a thick plastic for underneath the base of the shed and another liner on the outside of the wall to the ground and then add gravel sloped away from the shed. Also, I'm thinking of adding caulking on the outside.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Thank you
by: Minh

Thanks John for your suggestion.

I ended up doing exacting what you said by clearing the soil around the concrete foundation to allow water to flow around the shed.



Does your shed have an integral floor?
by: John

Hi Minh,
Thank you for your question. I think that I can picture your concrete base and would recommend that you dig away any excess soil from the uphill side so that any water flowing down the hill will effectively flow around the shed. You could dig a small trench on the two uphill sides and fill them with shingle.

I think that Lifetime sheds come with their own plastic sub-floor so that any water that comes from the walls or lands on the exposed section of slabwill flow away under the shed and not find its way into the interior.

I hope that this helps and that your shed project is a success.

All the best


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