Building a shed base

by David Toon

I am thinking of buying a shed and I am not sure how to do the foundations. The shed size is 2.4 wide by 3.0 depth. How deep should the foundations be? Should it be made of concrete? How much bigger than the size of the shed should the dimensions be?

I have grass there at the moment and I know the ground is just soil underneath as the grass was only laid last year.

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Jun 12, 2010
Building a shed base
by: John Admin

Hi David,
The place to start is this article on shed foundations. Because a shed is a relatively small and independent structure it doesn't need such deep foundations as for example a house as there is no real problem if it moves slightly. Your choice of foundation type will vary dependant on the type you select and the use of your shed. A storage or garden type shed will typically have a less substantial foundation than an office or garden room.

Concrete foundations are heavy and expensive, but good for anchoring your shed down to if you live in a very windy area.

As to how far the base protrudes beyond the side of the shed it depend upon the construction detail of the shed you purchase. The thing to watch is how the base and the wall connect to ensure that you cannot get water seeping in through this interface.

Have a look at the above article and then come back with a bit more detail and I can hopefully help you further.



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