Arrow Sheridan 10 Ft. X 8 Ft.

by Eric Balibott
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

My Arrow Sheridan shed

My Arrow Sheridan shed

My Arrow Sheridan shed is 10 ft X 8 ft.

We have had this shed for over a couple years now. It has certainly gotten it's use and served as the function for the original reason that it was purchased. I purchased this shed at a special outdoor storage company. I was looking for some under a grand and preferably around the five hundred dollar mark. I was able to purchase this Arrow Sheridan for around six hundred dollars.

One of the best things about this shed was that we didn't have to do any cosmetic work. The colors and trims already came installed. We did have to manually put the shed together. This shed came with so many screws, it made putting the shed together take quite some time and some parts were a little complex to assemble.

Thankfully we had about three different screw driver sizes because the screws that came with the shed were all different sizes. I actually put the shelf together myself. My wife just picked out the location in the yard. I was irked to find out that once I had gotten all the parts out for the shed that one part of the wall section was missing. I called the manufacturer and they eventually shipped out the missing piece which delayed the whole process. The instructions were pretty clear and once all the screws were entailed the shed was finally finished.

Both doors on my Arrow shed open up pretty wide. We were able to once store my dad's tractor while he was remodeling his house. The size quality for the shed is excellent. We use the shed for our riding lawn mower, weed cutter, pesticide products and a few other outdoor items like my power chain saw. This is exclusively used for adult tools and we do not have any of our children's personal items stored inside. We don't even let them go in it.

The shed is somewhat durable. It might not be as fancy as a wood shed but it does certainly get the job done. For anyone on a budget I would recommend this shed.

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