Arrow Shed Overhaul. Gambrel roofed and about 10x10

by Brandon

I have been (sort of) refurbishing two 10’x10’ Arrow sheds as a volunteer for a small non-profit with no money. The doors had been vandalized, the sliders broken, the tracks clogged with animal residue and mud, and the walls coated with light rust.

I found some internal part numbers with '78' tacked on, so I assume this was the year of production. Besides that fits the time frame I was given.

Shed performance was pretty good except for the years of neglect and lack of care in their use. These were bought in the So CA coastal region but the cost is unknown. Flooring and doors were the greatest issues, due to neglect and lack of maintenance.

I straightened the bent steel bottom door tracks as best I could, but they are still rough. I also drilled some 3/4” drain holes in the tracks so I can hose them out easily, and they can drain. It took 20 minutes a shed to get most of the jammed up material out of the tracks originally. No one bothered to do anything but kick and pry on the doors for years.

The upper door tracks were bent and wobbly but a little hammer and dolly work made then usable.

The floors are still bad, having 2-3 crud-board layers of bits and pieces screwed together over and onto the original deteriorated flooring. There are large areas of slumping, and a few large open holes. I have not addressed this due to funding, but we are seeking donations for materials. Mice, rats and rabbits have lived underneath for years and dogs have tunnelled in to chase them.

The doors were hammered out and internally framed with 1x2 or 1x3 scrap lumber. In some areas, a type of drywall angle metal which has a squared off U bend on a short side was used to strengthen and to straighten out the metal. Wood was added where needed--usually for the top and bottom cross piece, but also along the sides.

I tried a couple of ways to reinforce the doors and used what worked the best.

I did not know the manufacturer’s name as the tags were all heavily painted over. I searched and searched for glide or slider kits and found none until I (much later) ID’ed the sheds as Arrow products. Management opted to not buy the kits when I did find them, so we are ‘improvised’ per below in that area.

By then, I had salvaged 4 original sliders and used closet door nylon rollers on the other. I still need bottom spacers and will cut down some nylon or something for that...

I found some nice angled metal pieces from old discarded highway warning signs—the kind that are 3-4’ high and fold like a sawhorse. The angles are drilled 1” at one end for a pivot bolt and are nicely tapered at one end as well. I cut 2 of these down and made much stronger handles and locking pieces for both doors. They are about 2 feet long, add a nice touch to an old shed!

Other than the floors and new paint, I am almost done after several weeks or so of hot and sweaty part-time work on hot summer days here in CA 3 miles from the beach.

Sorry if this off topic, but it seemed to fit the shed theme and also allowed me to ramble!!

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Nice shed refurb story
by: John

Thanks for the great story. If you have any pictures to accompany it they would be great and I can add them to your page.

Kind regards


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