Arrow NP6877 8 X 6

by Dale
(Clovs, CA, USA)

Phase 1

Phase 1

I did the installation by laying down a solid level frame first, vapor barrier next (optional), the floor kit (highly recommended), and THEN the anchor kit, you will now have a a very solid and stable foundation on which to build the remaining parts of the shed.

I've read some have chosen to put the vapor barrier under the base frame. I don't know if that will allow you have the most solid base with plastic between the metal frame and ground. I certainly have some reservations about that.

While the mfg. gives you option to remove the corner sections and install the anchor kit after assembly should never be considered except as a last resort.
They should emphasize the advantages of NOT doing it that way.

The directions and/or drawings can be a bit ambiguous as well as lacking in some clarity. A couple of examples:

Instead of stating 'this assembly is used for the center section of the roof' they should also state " another pair of the same part numbers should not be assembled at this time. Thus not confusing the first time user as to whether he has 2 extra parts, or they forget to tell him he as to put together 2 assemblies.

In another step requiring the coupling of 2 parts the drawing shows only 5 screws to hold them together. But the parts box on the same page says 10 screws required. And sure enough, there are 10 holes not 5 as implied by the diagram.

Best of luck! Read the directions carefully, but thoroughly. If anything looks questionable either call up Arrow Support or think it out a little more.The more advanced DIYer, or those with a fair amount of mechanical aptitude will likely fair better, but most anyone with some common sense and patience should be able to work it out.

I will post more pics in the near future as we complete.

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