Arrow Newburgh 10'x8'

by Jana

Our Arrow Newburgh 10'x8'

Our Arrow Newburgh 10'x8'

A few years ago, we bought an Arrow Newburgh 10'x8' steel shed for extra storage space from OSH for about $400. It is rather short with 5' tall walls so my fiance and I have to duck whenever he goes inside.

Three people assembled the shed within nine hours on a concrete slab. The package did not come with all of the needed hardware so we needed to make a few trips to the hardware store to get replacement parts. The instructions were a little hard to follow but not too bad. At least we had all the required tools on hand.

The people who assembled it started putting it together in a spot other than where we wanted it so once it was all together, they needed to move it. It takes a minimum of four strong people to move it which can be a pain, but luckily we won't need to move it again.

The first winter we had the shed, it leaked at all the seams. Since we don't access the shed very frequently, we didn't find this out until the spring and saw that the leaks had caused significant water damage to the majority of the items inside. We applied caulk hoping that would help but it didn't, and then a roommate applied gorilla tape on some of the seams which also didn't help. After covering the roof with a tarp during winter, that significantly cut down on the amount of rain water that got inside the shed.

We have now had the shed for three years. After figuring out it's nuances, it is an alright shed. I would be a lot happier with a different one but since we've put so much time, money, and effort into this one we'll stick it out as long as possible - or until we move. We certainly won't be taking this shed with us. Overall, I do not recommend the shed.

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