Investing In An Arrow Metal Shed

An Arrow metal shed should be on your list for consideration, if you are looking to add a metal storage shed to your garden. They are sturdy buildings that can hold all of your garden tools and supplies or if you enjoy craft projects an Arrow shed can be used as a workshop. Regardless of how you use your shed, these are some of the most popular metal sheds on the market.

I hope you enjoy my review of these sheds! However if you would like to read some very model specific reviews then scroll to the bottom of this page where other visitors to this site have written and submitted their own reviews on the strengths and weakness of these sheds.

What sizes are available?

Arrow metal sheds come in a large variety of sizes so large in fact that they have split them into four separate ranges:

  • The smallest of the sheds are termed 'yardsavers' and are 4' x 7' or 4' x 10'.

  • Medium sheds range around 10' x 14'.

  • Large sheds run around 10' x 17'

  • Extra large Arrow sheds go as large as 14' x 31' which is about the size of a small garage.

Why Choose An Arrow Steel Shed?

Steel sheds are favored because they tend to provide the cheapest amount of storage space per dollar spent. Arrow metal sheds come in two levels of quality:

  • The highest specification ones are made of vinyl coated galvanized steel and come with a fifteen year warranty.

  • At a slightly lower level there are two ranges that have a twelve year warranty where the galvanized steel panels have a baked on enamel finish.

The model you choose will most likely depend upon the style of shed you prefer and the size of your storage needs. The range includes gable, gambrel, or sloped roof depending on your preference.

What Base To Build On?

When you purchase an Arrow metal shed for your yard you will need to decide on the type of floor that you want, a floor is not included within the basic metal shed kit. The options here are to buy an Arrow floor kit, make your own floor from timber and plywood or fix the shed to a concrete base. The choice depends on your site and what you are looking to use the shed for whichever you choose you will need to make sure that the shed is not built in a place where water stands or where the surrounding vegetation can affect the metal and start it getting rusty.

Whichever choice of base you make you will also need to anchor the shed securely to the ground to make sure that it can't be blown over by the wind. If you have a concrete base then you can bolt directly through the frame to the concrete. For the arrow base and the homemade timber base then they recommend using ground anchors, which are an auger (a bit like a large corkscrew) that screws directly into the soil around the shed and then is fixed to the base with a metal cable and clamps.

Is It Easy To Put Together?

Putting the Arrow metal shed together is simple and requires very few tools. The minimum tools are a pair of pliers and a Phillips screwdriver. For added speed (apparently this makes the project 40% faster) you might want to use an electric screwdriver or a Philips bit in the end of your electric drill to speed things up.

Keep yourself safe!

Wearing protective gloves will protect your hands from any sharp edges or burrs on the edge of metal components. Also have a step ladder on hand for when it is time for fixing the roof depending on which model you are using and how tall you are!

In each metal shed kit there are a large number of pieces and it will require a fair amount of patience to identify each component and assemble them in the sequence recommended in the instructions.

If you are anything like me you may decide to throw the instructions away and go free style but this may leave you wondering what the components left over at the end are for!

When the shed superstructure is complete don't forget to anchor the shed to your foundation metal sheds are lightweight and are easily moved in strong winds if not fixed securely to a heavy base or the ground.

Once complete you are ready to start organizing tools in the interior of your shed. This will allow you to keep all of your gardening items neat and organized as well as at hand.

Lastly a couple of tips that may come in handy.

  • Don't follow my example! Do follow the detailed instructions.

  • For a belt and braces approach to sealing panel joints against water leakage use a silicone sealant/caulking on panel joints as the building is progressing.

  • To reduce condensation in the shed a plastic membrane below the floor area will reduce the likelihood of condensation problems.

An Arrow metal shed may be the perfect addition to your yard. They are nice looking, durable, and handy when it comes to keeping all of your tools and supplies organized and in one place.

Do you have an Arrow storage shed?

We have received a number of reviews of Arrow sheds and it would be great for you to add your contribution to the form below so others can benefit from your experience. If you would like to read some of the reviews we have received already scroll on to the bottom of the page.

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