Arrow Lexington 10 X 14 (LX1014-A)

by Ed S
(St Louis County, Missouri)

Assembled but not yet cleaned up

Assembled but not yet cleaned up

Assembled but not yet cleaned up

This is the 4th Arrow building I have owned & built over the years, have helped friends with several others. Would recommend their products anytime. Built my first in the mid 70's, solo with hand tools. No big deal then, MUCH simpler now with cordless tools!

Bought this one used, original owner had totally dismantled it for a move, then stored it several years.. Looked a bit shabby, but all is solid and everything was there down to the last screw, also have the manual - a few panels needed work, but other than that it was like getting a new one. Bit rustier...

Prepped the site by building a simple landscape timber "foundation", level & square - this is ESSENTIAL for ease of assembly!! Building went up quick with my son's help - about 4 hours to do all but a few roof panels & the doors, and that includes time spent on bent panels! Finished up the next day.

I really can't understand why folks have trouble assembling one - it's definately NOT the product's fault! Put it this way, anyone finding this difficult should stay away from Monogram models or small jigsaw puzzles

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