Arrow GS-83 Garden Shed

by Steve
(Houston, TX, USA)

Arrow Garden Shed

Arrow Garden Shed

I bought the Arrow GS-83 Garden Shed at Lowe's about 2 years ago. It is 8' long x 5.5' high x 3' deep and cost approximately $350.00. I was looking for a shed to place against the side of my house where I had limited space. This shed fit the bill perfectly.

The shed took me about 1 day to completely install and assemble by myself. This includes time to prep the area where the shed would be located and prepare the wood floor for the interior. I would also recommend purchasing the Arrow Anchor Kit to secure your shed to the ground. It's much easier than pouring a concrete slab to secure the shed to.

The instructions were clear but did need to be closely followed. Anyone who tried to assemble this shed without reading the instructions would be in for a very long weekend. A screwdriver is all that's really needed but I'd recommend a cordless drill to save you a lot of effort.

No parts were missing and the only minor difficulty was in getting some of the panels aligned. A second person might have been helpful here.

I couldn't be happier with the Arrow Garden Shed in the 2 years I've been using it. It's super strong and durable. It stands up to abuse from the weed eater and made it through Hurricane Ike in one piece and with no leaks! I would recommend the Arrow Garden Shed to anyone who needs some extra storage but doesn't have a lot of space to fit a shed in.

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