Arrow 6 Ft x 8 Ft x 3 Ft Storage Shed

by Drew Freed
(San Mateo, California USA)

Fall Picture of my Arrow 6 x 8 ft Shed

Fall Picture of my Arrow 6 x 8 ft Shed

I live in San Mateo, California and the neighborhood that my house is in has very little yard space. There is a little patch of green off to the side of my house and a slight little backyard to the back of the house. I have no garage and that means that my storage space is very little. Luckily we have off street parking but that does not solve the problem for my tools, bikes, kids outdoor items and other handy items. I was looking at a few outdoor sheds at Home Depot and Lowes and I found one that suited my needs at Home Depot. I ended up purchasing an Arrow shed that was 6 x 8 Ft for around $550.

I don't really consider myself an expert builder so after talking to one of the customer service guys he reassured that this shed was pretty basic to put together. That is one of the reasons why I purchased it and also because of the small size. It was perfect for my small sized yard. It was very easy to put together and the instructions were clear. I was able to get it all done over a three day weekend, if you count Monday also. There weren't any parts missing. I did have to buy my own landing and the bottom base though to support the shed so it wouldn't just sit on the ground. I just ended up using a couple of round stones for the landing part and a couple of about 27 flat sheet bricks of cement to help hold the foundation up, which was stacked under the shed in rows of three. The left part, right part and center. I had my eleven year old son help me assemble the doors. The tools were pretty standard. I used a power drill, some nuts and bolts. That was all that was required to put up the walls and the roof. I did have to buy the hinges for the door though and also the paint. The walls were a neutral color before and I wanted some tan paint to go with the offset brick color of my house.

I used the shed for my bike and my sons bike. It also has my weed wacker and a few other small outdoor items in it. I bought a few shelves to keep everything in order rather than just have everything laying all over the place. The shed is durable and so far I have not encountered any leaks. I only bought this type of shed because of my small yard. If I had a bigger yard I would have went something a little better. It is good for people with small yards or a limited amount of space but overall I would recommend another type of shed for people that have the luxury of using them.

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