Arrow 10 x10 steel shed

by Martin Entinger
(Jacksonville Fl)

Our Arrow shed slowly being overtaken by kudzu!

Our Arrow shed slowly being overtaken by kudzu!

We bought this shed about 5 years ago from Home Depot on sale for about $250. It was relatively easy to assemble and took a weekend to erect and it took 2 people. We first had to lay a small foundation of just 12x12 square walkway stones and then built the base of the shed and erected the steel framework of it.

The instructions were alright for what they were, though a few things could have been more clear such as using the small roll of duct tape that they had provided for weatherproofing the roof.

The only tools needed really were a ruler, level, and philips head screw driver. other than a few pieces not ending up square because the ground wasn't leveled all that well we managed to make everything come together easily enough and in good time.

We mainly use our shed for storage for our home stuff we don't use often and our lawn stuffs such as the weed whacker and the mower.

It's preformed quite admirably in it's job though it does leak due to our fault during construction and the instructions not being too clear on how to properly seal the roof, though some expand-o-foam worked to seal those up, but sometimes during really heavy rains it'll still leak a bit around the plastic grommets that are supposed to seal the screw holes.

It's quite durable, last year we had a rather strong round of thunder storms roll through and brought down a tree limb that slammed into the roof causing a large dent in the steel, (a push from inside solved that) but it didn't cause any real damage.

I would whole recommend anyone looking for a cheap durable shed to purchase an arrow one.

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