Arrow 10' x 10' Storage Building Model 68101

Our Arrow 10' x 10' Storage Building model 68101 was purchased in August 2008 on sale for around $900 from Sears. The final measurements of our shed were 118” x 112” x 70”.

The shed was not easy to put together, and not recommended for the average “layperson” or husband/wife team to tackle alone. We hired three friends for a couple hundred total to help with the project. With help, the storage shed took a total of three weekends to build. It required two weekends to break down our old storage shed and build the new storage shed and one weekend to lay down the flooring.

The directions were clear except for the sections on the flooring and the door. The flooring directions were wrong, and gave half measurements. We solved this problem by measuring the floor, and having the wood cut to the new measurements.

Building the doors was tricky. We rebuilt the doors two times, and it is still wrong to this day. The first time, we had two right doors. The second time, the holes for the handles were misaligned, so the door handles are uneven. Because the door handles do not align, we are unable to put a lock on our shed which we would have preferred. However, the doors open and shut and serve its purpose.

No parts were missing. We did not own all of the tools that were needed, and our friend brought in some of his tools for the project.

The shed performs satisfactorily. We are able to store our extra items in the shed such as old clothes and gardening tools. Renting storage costs around $100 a month.

The roof leaked because two screws holes were misaligned and left open holes. The problem was fixed by applying a sticky black tar-like patch over the two holes. The metal has not dented. Overall, the shed is durable.

I would recommend the shed to others, because we like our shed now that it is built. The biggest challenge of the shed was putting it up. The shed serves its purpose because we don’t have to rent storage.

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Wow! Daughter
by: Mom

Great article on building a storage shed. Our family uses the shed for storage. This is our second storage shed from Sears. The other shed needed to be replaced because it was accidentally punctured when doing yard work. Thank you for a writing about our family experiences on raising up a shed, a place of needed additional storage.

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