Vinyl Storage Shed Kits - A Fast Storage Solution

Vinyl storage shed kits are one of the fastest solutions to your storage needs. They are easy to assemble, some just snap together in a matter of hours, and all you'll need are a few tools and a helping hand to get the shed in place.

The benefits of vinyl

Vinyl is a type of plastic that is made from chlorine and ethylene. Sometimes known as PVC, vinyl is strong, durable and maintenance-free which means that it's a really efficient material for shed building, particularly if you don't like a lot of DIY.

Vinyl storage shed kits are different from plastic sheds because they tend to be made from PVC extrusions rather than a mould, which is more common with plastic sheds. Some times the sheds structural frame will be made of PVC and sometimes metal, the vinyl siding is then fixed over or into this framework, which means you're left with an exceptionally durable shed that is water resistant and should last for many years to come without the need for painting. That's because vinyl doesn't rust or chip.

Like metal sheds they're strong and don't rust and rot, however the advantage over metal is that they don't make any noise when it rains.

Vinyl sheds are also fire retardant which means that if you have worries about a plastic shed being easily flammable then rest easy as it is OK to store the lawn mower and your supply of fuel plus paint etc in there..

Buying in kit form

If you don't have much time for DIY or you need a storage solution fast, then buying a vinyl storage shed kit is a brilliant solution. Everything is cut to size, pre-drilled and all the hardware is included. You'll only need a few basic tools, such as a screwdriver and a level, and on the whole instructions are very easy to follow. Depending on the shed you've chosen and the size, it should only take a maximum of a day or so to have the project completed.

Here's a quick review of some of the vinyl storage shed kits available on the market:

Duramax Yardmate

If you've only got a small patio or back yard, then this shed kit is a really good option. It's only 5' x 3' but has a wide 52" double door opening which makes it easy to access your tools. It also comes with a solid reinforced vinyl floor, meaning you don't need to spend time creating a concrete base and it's pretty economical at $499.

Royal Shed Carriage Series

Royal are also a well known manufacturer of vinyl storage shed kits and their designs use a snap-lock vinyl panel system which means if you work hard you can have your shed together in a couple of hours. Their Carriage series is the medium sized range, and they have a double-wall construction for extra insulation, ventilation and strength. They also include a floor as standard, which makes assembly much quicker and easier.

Duramax Woodbridge

If you're looking for a larger vinyl storage shed kit, then you can choose one of the bigger Duramax models. Betty Mills sells the 31 foot long Woodbridge for $3870. It's 10 foot wide and more like a garage to be honest, but if you've got a lot of tools or a small boat to store, or want to create a hobby room for the kids, then you may need something this large. It has a 15 year warranty and despite its size it still comes as a kit and is relatively easy to put together.

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