Four Great Storage Shed Ideas

Are you in need of some storage shed ideas? There are so many different sheds and outbuildings on the market that it's tough to know which one is right for you. If you're looking for extra storage for your backyard, but want something that's unique as well as practical, here are five ideas to give you a backyard building you've always dreamed of.

Going in and out

It may sound obvious, but when you're coming up with ideas for your storage shed, don't forget to choose wisely when it comes to the doors. Most of us spend so much time worrying about what material to choose, what size to go for and the finishing colour, that we forget to even think about door size.

If you have a large lawnmower it's better to buy a shed with double doors so that you can manouver in and out more easily. Also you may have a lot of large tools to store and you certainly don't want to be struggling to get in and out of a dor th's too small.

Your height is also an issue when brainstorming storage shed ideas. If you're taller than average and plan on spending time in your shed doing DIY jobs, you'll need to make sure you have an apex roof and a large enough door so that you're not constantly stooping.

Get the kids involved

Let's face it, many of the sheds on the market today are finished in mute colours with not much room for individuality. One of the best ways to customise your shed is to get the kids involved. If you've got a Sunday afternoon to fill, give them a side panel, some paint, sponges and brushes and let them be creative. They could paint a collage of different shapes, or draw their favourite animals and create a jungle mural.

You could even get them involved during the planning stage and give them a project to come up with ideas for their storage shed side panel. It's the perfect way to preserve a piece of their creative history for many years to come.

Add a loft for extra storage space

If your local planning rules permit it consider adding a shed loft. A loft for extra storage can easily be incorporated, whether you simply want a few rafters for storing a couple of extra boxes, or a second floor that you can access and use as another room. It won't take up any extra space in your garden because the loft will be above the shed. Just make sure you check with your local planning department about any height restrictions.

A shed is much more than storage!

When you're thinking about storage shed ideas you may simply be planning the most effective way to store as many of your things as possible. But take a few moments to think about what you could actually do with your new storage shed. You may be able to add some extra value to your home by insulating the shed and creating a spare bedroom or a games room. Or you may work from home and want to create a beautiful office space, surrounded by the trees and flowers in the garden.

Don't forget that a shed can be much more than just storage... so get creative with your storage shed ideas!

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