Rubbermaid Slide Lid Storage Shed - Perfect For A Small Backyard

The Rubbermaid slide lid storage shed has just over 90 square foot of space that's perfect for small storage needs. Plus it's a great solution if you're subject to strict planning laws and are not allowed to put a large storage shed in your garden.

At just four feet high, this shed will still be concealed by your average garden fence and shouldn't get you into trouble with any planning officers. Despite being fairly short, it's still nearly 6 foot wide which gives you a good amount of space inside for your things.

Most people use the Rubbermaid slide lid storage shed to keep bicycles, push mowers and yard tools when they run out of space in their garage. It has a number of key features that make it extremely low maintenance, value for money and built to last.

Maintenance-free by design

One of the main advantages of this shed is that it's virtually maintenance free. It's built using Rubbermaid's standard plastic polyethylene resin, which will not rust, chip, crack or peel. You won't ever need to paint it and it's highly water and weather resistant.

What's included?

Rubbermaid have provided a structural foam floor with their sliding lid storage shed, which supports 1,300 lbs in weight. That gives you plenty of strength to hold a couple of bicycles, a push lawnmower and some heavy garden tools.

Because the floor is included, you won't have to worry about buying some extra flooring. All you'll need is a flat base to put the shed on - a corner of a pre-existing patio is perfect. If you don't provide a flat base, it won't fit together properly and the doors won't shut.

Double lockable doors come as standard, making it easy for you to get your things in and out. Do bear in mind that a lock is not included and that's something you will need to prevent the doors from opening during heavy wind.

In fact, this is one of the few downsides to the shed that people complain about. The plastic hasp for locking the shed is not particularly strong and it would be better if a metal option were included for improved security.

Unique slide back roof

Even though the Rubbermaid slide lid storage shed is only four foot tall, due to the unique sliding roof it's possible to slide the roof all the way back so that you can walk right in. This makes it so much easier to store your belongings so you don't have to stoop down and reach inside.

The only concern some consumers have about the roof is that it could fly off in extremely heavy wind, so it's worth anchoring it down when bad weather is approaching.

Assembly in a click

The panels of the Rubbermaid slide storage shed just click into place, making it very easy to put together. It should only take a couple of hours, but leave some extra time to get the roof in place because it can be a bit tricky to attach the tabs at the front.

Where to buy this shed

You can buy the Rubbermaid slide lid storage shed on many different websites and it's a good idea to shop around because prices really vary. have the shed for sale with free shipping included, but it can also be bought direct from Home Depot stores where some people have been lucky enough to pick it up for just $280.

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