The Portable Storage Shed: Storage On The Move

The Portable Storage Shed is one of the latest concepts in outside storage solutions. Unlike your conventional shed that is a permanent fixture at the bottom of your yard, a portable shed can be moved at any time within a matter of minutes. They can be easily lifted up and transported to any area of your garden or if you don’t need them during the summer you can collapse the frame and store them away (in your normal storage shed!)

Instead of using rigid, hard materials such as wood or plastic, these sheds are like a large, heavy duty tent. They have a framework that is covered in fabric, with extra support and straps to help cope with severe weather.

Why choose a portable storage shed?

The great thing about this type of shed is that you can move it around your garden to store a variety of different things during different seasons. They comme in sizes large enough to protect your car from the elements or for storing garden furniture during the winter. Alternatively you may be holding a party and want some cover in case it rains. Or you may need a workshop during the winter to do all those DIY jobs but don’t want a permanent building in the garden.

Size, style and construction

Portable sheds are available in many different sizes – from 6’ x 6’ to as large as 40’ long! The walls are typically made from heavy duty opaque or clear fabric that is mounted on a tubular steel or plastic frame.

Make sure any steel tubing is powder coated or galvanised to protect it from rust. Steel tubes are more common in the large models whereas plastic tubing is perfect for the smaller portable storage shed.

The covering itself should be UV resistant, contain rip stop to prevent tearing, and be flame retardant which makes it safe for summer barbeques out of the hot sun. Some brands also offer different colours or patterns, such as grey, green or tan, making sure your shed will fit with the colour scheme in your backyard.

Flooring solutions

If you’re storing tools, furniture or a lawn mower it’s important you provide adequate flooring to protect them from damp. Some brands come with a durable, heavy duty ground sheet. The ground sheet will protect the contents to some extent from moisture from teh ground but you might also consider constructing a temporary timber base. A series of timber pallets can be ideal for this, raising the contents of the ground and creating a level surface inside.

Easy assembly

It’ll only take around 10 minutes to assemble your portable storage shed. In no time you'll be ready to store and protect anything, from mom’s new hairdo at the rained out cookout to your brand new Ford Mustang Cobra whose paint job you do not want to fade.

Your shed must be anchored to the ground when in use as these light structures are very vulnerable in even medium winds. You will need to use auger or cable earth anchors to keep the shed secure and prevent it blowing away.

A portable storage shed is perfect if you want some protection for your valuables but don’t want to invest in a permanent shed and don’t have the yard space to construct a permanent storage building.

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