A Pool storage shed should combine practicality and style

A Pool storage shed is the perfect place to house all those extra pieces of equipment and chemicals that come with owning a swimming pool. If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your back garden, you'll know that there's so much extra kit that you need and very often you don't have enough space in your garden shed to store it.

Many people invest a lot of money into creating a pool and the landscaping around it, so the last thing you want is an unsightly shed stuck right in the middle. The great news is that there are many sheds which are designed with pool owners in mind. What they offer is a practical storage solution, often in colours to match your pool area such as white and blue, in a style to compliment a pool terrace.

What is a pool storage shed?

A storage shed for storing your pool equipment is not as large as a pool house because they're really only designed with storage in mind. Pool houses on the other hand are often much larger and tend to offer changing facilities, shower rooms or even a sauna or Jacuzzi. Shed suitable for storing your pool equipment come in a large variety of sizes and you could look for one big enough to give you a small area for getting changed alongside all your storage needs. That way you wont need to invest in two different outbuildings.

Water resistant materials

For storage sheds located near a pool select waterproof materials, such as plastic or vinyl, to take into account the extra splashing they have to endure, particularly when there are kids using the pool. However there are also some wooden designs with extremely ornate features to add some style and character to your pool area.

Buying a pool is a large investment and you want to make sure that your valuable equipment is not only safe but also that any storage adjacent to the pool compliments your pool area and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb! So take your time and choose a shed that really suits your style.

Safety first

When you have your own swimming pool, there are a lot of potentially hazardous chemicals you'll need to keep in order to clean and maintain the pool. It's important you keep these locked away from children and pets, so a locking pool storage shed is ideal for this. You'll also have a lot of expensive equipment such as pumps, heats and filters so having a lock will help to keep your things safe and less accessible for burglars.

From storage trunks to pool houses

Pool storage sheds come in so many different sizes and it really depends on how much equipment you need to store. If you're lucky enough to have a large garage and can store most of your equipment there, you may just want to invest in a trunk-like storage unit that doubles up as a seat to keep the pool equipment that you use most regularly.

On the other end of the scale, you'll find extremely large pool storage sheds that may even leave enough room for changing and almost double up as a pool house.

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