Keter Sheds - Affordable Yet Durable

Keter sheds are a great option if you're looking for a plastic shed.

We all know that choosing a shed can be a daunting task, especially considering the number of different options on the market. But for many people, a plastic shed is the perfect solution because they are durable, easy to install, weather proof, low maintenance and not too expensive.

Keter storage sheds come in many different styles, shapes and sizes - large storage buildings with extra loft space and double doors, to space-saving storage boxes that can also be used as a patio bench for your backyard.

All of the sheds in the Keter range are UV protected and water resistant, meaning they never need painting and are very low maintenance. That's great news for anyone who doesn't have much time for DIY!

What type of Keter shed to choose?

Keter have a large range of sheds which cater for every garden need. When choosing your shed, think about the amount of room you have in your yard, what you are planning on storing in the shed itself, and of course, your personal preference when it comes to style, color and accessories. Here's a look at the different styles available:

The Upscale series

This is the largest type of plastic Keter shed. The range includes three options - the Summit, Orion, and Bellevue. Each comes with its own unique set of options, such as an additional side door on the Summit model or accessories like easy to install shelving units.

The Summit and Orion are the largest of the series, offering 13.3 cubic metres of storage space. All of them come with a 10 year limited warranty, skylights and windows, storage loft, double doors for easy mower entry, stable floor panels, ventilation, and a lock for added security.

Large storage buildings

The large storage buildings are not quite as fancy as the upscale models but they are still durable and functional with the ability to lock, skylights and sidelights, and versatile flooring. There are two sheds in this category, the Fortis and the Atlas, and both offer 15 cubic meters of storage space.

Medium sheds

The middle part of the Keter range provide effective storage solutions that won't take up too much space in the garden. The Apollo and Apex sheds are simple to assemble, have a steel reinforced structure and once again are very low maintenance.

If you're looking for a shed that adds some character or elegance to your garden, then these sheds may be just a bit too simple for you. But if you don't like painting, want something functional that requires no maintenance, then these medium sized sheds are probably the best choice.

Small Keter sheds

From the Keter Gemini at 6x6, to the Pent at 4x6, these small Keter sheds are a cost effective and space-saving way to add more storage to your home. The Pent has a slanted roof meaning it's a really good shed to choose if you don't have a lot of space, because you can push it right up against your house wall or fence. Even though they are smaller, these sheds still have shelving accessories which can be added, as well as windows and air vents as standard.

The practicalities of assembly

Keter sheds are pretty easy to assemble. The pieces slot together quickly and only require a few screws to secure. They do, however, need a good level base. If the area in which you are assembling your shed is not level, the doors will not open properly. Additionally, some of the taller Keter sheds can be a bit unstable if they are standing alone. To combat this, consider backing your shed up to a tall fence or the side of your home and securing it in place. Instructions on how to do this are included in the packaging.

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