A Home Depot Shed Is Part Of A Huge Range All Under One Roof

The Home Depot shed range has a style, size and budget to suit every gardener or DIY enthusiast's needs. If you're lucky enough to have one of these superstores close to where you live, then you have access to a huge range of sheds to browse. If you know exactly what you're looking for then you should have no problem finding it. But if like many customers you have no idea what kind of shed to choose, reading this article should fill you in on the different options available to find something that suits your requirements.

Before you visit the store, start out by measuring your yard to see how much room you have. Then at least you know what you can fit into your space. Most people know what they're going to use their shed for, get some advice from the staff at Home Depot and ask them what type of shed you'll be able to afford as well as what best suits your storage and workshop needs.

Buying Online

You can buy many of the sheds from the Home Depot collection online. If you know what you're looking for this can be a great way to buy because they often have exclusive internet prices that include shipping. On average, there's a saving of around 10% on some of the most popular sheds, meaning you could save up to $200 on some of the larger models.

To help prepare you for what you will find in the Home Depot shed range, here's a review of the main lines available:

Plastic sheds

Home Depot offer a wide variety of plastic sheds, with prices ranging from $200 to $2000. At the most economical end is the portable flower house which is a pop-up shed that can be put together in around 10 minutes. It has a spring steel frame, almost like a tent, that folds back into a carry case when you're not using it. It comes with flooring, is UV resistant and has tie downs to make it more weather resistant. If you need an extremely cheap and easy storage solution, this shed could be for you but bear in mind it won't win any awards for adding style to your garden!

One of the most popular sheds available from Home Depot is the US Leisure 10' x 8' shed, which is priced at $1388. It has a steel frame for strength and its walls are treated with extra resin for durability. It's very low maintenance and has a high pitched roof for extra head space. Assembly should take only a few hours, but do prepare it with a good base of concrete or wood for extra stability.

Wooden sheds

Home Depot offer 94 sheds made from wood, which is a huge range to choose from. If you're looking to add some character and style to your backyard then a wooden shed can really add that finishing touch. They stock all the major brands, with a particularly large collection of Handy Home sheds at a good price, as well as Star Lumbar and Home Place Structures.

Metal Sheds

If you're looking for durability at a low cost, then the range of metal sheds at Home Depot is worth checking out. The metal sheds that they stock are from Arrow sheds, which are made from rust-resistant steel and come in easy-assemble kits that most people find very simple to use. What's particularly good about this range is that they are made from steel that has been treated to look like a wood grain, meaning you have a wooden looking finish without all the hassle of painting and treating every year.

Installed Sheds

If you really want to make the most of the Home Depot shed experience, you may decide on an installed shed. You pay one price for a start to finish service, where an they help you through the whole process of choosing your shed to installation. A team of experts will come and professionally install it for you and they stock a large variety of ranges from Tuff Shed to Sheds USA.

If you're not sure which shed to choose, it may be worth paying a bit extra for this service to make sure you get the right Home Depot shed for you.

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